Sunday, February 05, 2017

home has my heart

It really does look like Summer here, doesn't it? As much as I complain about the heat and how much it melts away my makeup and turns my hair into a crazy, curly mess, the Sunshine Coast really is a beautiful place and I am lucky to call it home. I thought this dress was wonderfully appropriate for the theme of these pictures... it was definitely my favourite purchase of the summer because it is a) made of cotton, b) has flowers on it and c) costed me less than a large coffee from Starbucks (bad example though because Starbucks coffee is a bit shite, but you get the picture) thanks to the pop up Vinnies in the city last week! 

So, how have you all been? I hope you all had a nice start to the year. In all honestly, I'm glad January is over. It was a weird month for me and I found myself ruminating more than usual. I think when I'm not working very much, or when I'm not at uni I get stuck in this weird limbo of feeling like I'm not achieving anything in life and it makes me question my worth and value. It's disheartening, because I'm the type of person who envisions how life should or is supposed to be, as well as wanting perfection and beauty in all areas, so when bad or unexpected things happen, I never know what to do. Often to remedy these feelings I seek out busyness and solitude because I take comfort in my own company sometimes more than in the company of others, and it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to have a relationship with somebody. I'm not in any sort of rush to "fall in love" as lovely as that would be, because deep down, I know it's a very risky thing and I really am quite afraid of it. I find myself simply ending things with people purely because I don't want to even risk putting my heart on the line. I know I should, because it's character building and it's experience and it's just part of life, but I really am afraid. There is Mum's comforting voice in the back of my mind as reassurance though that no matter what place you're at in life, it's going to be fine. It will work out. It always does. You're where you're supposed to be. You're okay! I was actually thinking the other day how much my Mum and I would have gotten along if she was my age at the moment. Like, if we met at uni or something. I honestly think she would be my best friend, because she is now and there's a 30 year age difference. I'm very lucky and thankful for that. So, Mum, if you're reading this! Thanks for being amazing and helping me through all this weird stuff (I think it's called growing up and developing?? Anyone else not sure who the hell they even are?!??). 


Here's some music I've been listening to lately as well: 
  1. This playlist is my personal favourite lately: "Toe-tapping and skirt ruffling!" It's a mixture of Gatsby-inspired music (as well as a few gems from later decades) and it makes me so happy listening to it. I live for that crackle in between songs on an old record! 
  2. Here's the classic Indie-mix (with a few randoms thrown in too): "January 2017" I made last month with a few more songs since I last shared it. Overall, I was satisfied with the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown, however there was a few artists I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't place??! Like Julia Jacklin! She was 100% top 10 material. 
  3. And here are the foundations for the February Playlist! It's still a work in progress but give it a listen. Would highly recommend listening to "No Woman" by Whitney and "Brave For You" by the XX. Their new album is absolutely wonderful and perfect. 
Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely week this week. I hope nice things happen to all of you because there is just so much that is wrong about the world at the moment and I just hope some nice things are happening despite it all. Let me know :) 

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Hello! Happy 2017! I'm about a week late in celebrating the new year, and in true Maria fashion, I kept to my word and had an extremely low-key NYE. Movies, aircon (Queensland heat right now is unbearable), hot chocolate and tucked up in bed by 10:30pm. It was great; if I'm going to be given an imaginary "clean slate" such as a new year, I may as well wake up feeling fresh the next day. As you know, I've never really been a fan of resolutions as I don't think you need a new year to improve your life, however, after the uh, interesting-ness of 2016, it's nice to start a new chapter in life. One in which I'll be leaving my teens (weird, since I started this blog before I was a teen) and entering my 20s. Albeit, 2016 wasn't as terrible for me as it was for the world. I actually achieved a lot of what I wanted to last year (including getting the driver's license I've been wanting for SO LONG!) and I'll look back on it as a year that really helped shape me as an individual!

Forever New bodysuit, Dotti skirt, Urban Soul heels, Essence lipstick in "Barely There" 

I'm always excited (and just a little terrified!) for what the future will hold for me but this year I think will be particularly wonderful. Three of my friends are tying the knot, my sister is also getting married (helloooo bridesmaid life!) and it's my last full year of uni before I graduate in the middle of 2018. As always, I hope for Avenue Maria to continue... I love this little corner of the web. It's come such a long way and I love that it enables me to look back on parts of life that would otherwise have been forgotten. "Photoshoots", as my ever faithful photographer (and sister) has dubbed them are always so much fun and I think this year I'd love to experiment more with doing my own freelance photography. If I had the equipment, I would love to document people's weddings professionally, but for now, it's a hobby that brings me an immense amount of joy. That - and collecting records! I bought a record player off my friend last year and collecting vinyls has become a recent obsession. I find that they completely transform the way music is listened to. I live for the little crackle between each track, and the old-worldly feel that Artie Shaw's music brings to my bedroom in all its fairy light glow. 

I hope you've all had a lovely start to 2017 - back soon! Oh, and I updated the January Playlist with a few more excellent tracks. It's such a weird combination... there's everything from Doris Day to Run The Jewels, but it works somehow. Enjoy! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

16 going on 17

Today we touched down in Brisbane after about two weeks in north Queensland for a Christmas holiday together as a family. We all had a lovely time soaking up the sun (though, I was decked out in sun protection nonetheless - fair skin needs TLC!), strolling along the beach at dusk and eating copious amounts of gelato whilst admiring the beautiful island views with the sun reflecting on the water. I devoured two novels while I was there (Jo and I were reading them simultaneously and discussing our post-book withdrawals and ALL the feelings); a Court of Thorns and Roses, and its sequel, A Court of Mist and Fury. Sarah J. Maas wrote them so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with the plot and character development. This book series is hands down my favourite out of everything I've read this year so, without giving too much away, if you're interested in a beautifully written story with Beauty and the Beast themes, LOTS of romance, magic, as well as adventure and action, I would highly recommend checking out the ACOTAR series - you won't be disappointed, I promise!

On another note, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate it, and that you're enjoying the holiday season. I can't believe 2017 is right around the corner; another year has flown by quicker than the last. 2016 has been... interesting. I am very curious to see what 2017 (my 20th year too) will hold and how life will continue to change and evolve. 

Here are a few pictures from our holiday, as well as some I took of my bedroom today. It was a nice, quiet day spent mostly listening to records, unpacking my huge suitcase and napping. I'm absolutely exhausted and at this point in time, think I'll probably even skip NYE celebrations and just rest up this weekend with movies, hot chocolate and books. Whatever your plans though - have fun and be safe! I will be back in the new year! 

P.S: Got a playlist here too, if you're interested! Also, did you pick up on the play on words in the title? The Sound of Music has impacted my life too much :')