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Sunday, April 10, 2011
Whitney and Lauren for Teen Vogue, 2007

I very much enjoyed the latest issue of Teen Vogue, especially since it included a cute little booklet about Whitney Port's pathway to success. She is such an inspiration for young girls aspiring to work in the fashion industry! Like Lauren Conrad, she was one of the main characters from the hit TV series; The Hills. Whitney includes in the little booklet a few tips for interviews in the fashion industry-- and any other job as well. Firstly, always get to the interview early, if you are going to be late, let them know. Secondly, practise what you'll say, and get a friend to ask the questions so you can easily get used to answering them. Thirdly, be nice to everyone you work with. Even if they are completely impossible!
Lastly (one of my own), dress nicely!


Anonymous said...

Three very cute looks. I'm totally following you now! <3

marta said...

Thanks a lot for your comment! :)
Lovely blog!


accessorize your outfit :)

Natasja said...

I really love this post!!