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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

With inspiration from the Ruche blog, Izzy and I set to work on lovely perfume trays today. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly easy for such a beautiful display piece. All you need is a white frame (we painted ours white), decorated paper, lace or doilies (whatever you think will match your fragrance collection), glue and a few decorations. I found some pretty paper roses in the craft store yesterday that added a nice touch to the frame. Simply insert the paper into where the photograph should be, glue the decorations onto the frame and arrange your perfumes nicely. You can read about the full instructions here. I highly recommend it; it's so easy and looks lovely on any duchess or table.

Onto other news, yesterday I got my braces. I know it will be all worth it next October when they are removed, but they hurt so! Today I've been eating lots of 'soft' foods like porridge, noodles and pureed fruit. Thankfully the pain with have surpassed within the next few days and I will be back to eating like a normal person and not wincing at the dinner table, hehe!
Enjoy the rest of your week! ♥

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Sheri | Flowers and Freckles said...

Ohh this does sound like a really easy way to make a gorgeous display! Might try this one out :) Ohh I hope you get used to your braces, I had them for years, hands down the best things ever though, nothing beats perfect teeth! xx

Ana Carneiro said...

It is so cute! Really love the result!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!:)Maria this is a stunning post the photography is beautifully manufactured and the way its set out blows my breath away! Great job on this post and just think by the end of October next year you will have perfectly straight teeth XOX

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

this is very pretty indeed, I think I will be having a go! :) And ouch for the braces, I had them when I was 14 and it was such a pain! xx

Fictitious Fashion said...

Hi hon.. You did a fabulous job decorating the perfume tray :) Lovelyyy

My new Post is up- Change is Inevitable! If you'd like to read :)


Live-Style20 said...

sweet !!!!


Marta said...

This looks beautiful! :)xx

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks so beautiful!

Emma x

Jessica Samantha said...

This is so nice! And surprisingly so easy!

Sorry about your braces-- well, not to make it sound like it's a bad thing, but you know what I mean! But you're right, it will all be worth it! I'm still trying to convince myself of that! The skin around your mouth will get tougher and your teeth will get used to the pain :) I hope it goes smoothly!

Jessica | Vixenelle

ThePinkMargarita ♚ said...

it looks so pretty! :) will check out the instructions in a bit. thanks for sharing!

The Pink Margarita

claire said...

such a cute diy! I must try it! sorry about the braces, it really is worth it though, but for when they hurt mac and cheese is a lifesaver haha

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous trays, I must make one of those these holidays!
And good luck with your braces, I have them too, and they're a bit annoying but you get used to them, and I'm sure you look great with them.
X Jane

misslikey said...

pretty pretty diy

sleepandwater said...

Such a pretty tray, love the pattern :) J'Adore is one of my favourite perfumes as well. I had braces when I was in high school, it's painful but it'll all be worth it in the end :)