Tuesday, December 04, 2012

How to: Glitter glasses! (miu miu inspired)

Happy holiday season, friends! We are officially in December, and I am officially freaked out. Where has 2012 gone? I don't even know. Well, to kick off the holiday season wonderfully, I have a festive diy for you all to try! It involves lots of glitter (one of my fave things), so to find out how to re-vamp the glasses like above, keep on reading ♥ I'd also like to give a big shout-out to my bestie, Izzy, for helping me with the photos! Her camera is seriously a magical thing. 

You will need: strong glue (any sort will do), glitter (get creative and use rainbow if you'd like!), scissors, a palette or plastic plate, newspaper (to keep the area as neat as possible), paintbrush (to apply the glue) and lastly, a pair of sunglasses (I got these from an op-shop this morning for $2!) 

Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the palette, as well as glitter (pour out a decent amount, this will make it easier to the dip the glasses into it).

This step is optional, but in case you're a little messy with the glue, you can tape in between the glasses hinge, to protect it. 

Begin painting the glue onto the sides, evenly distributing it making sure that there aren't any noticeable clumps. 

Sprinkle the glitter! Then, follow on from that by patting the sunglasses into the palette, so the coverage is as even as possible. 

Repeat the same process onto the rim of the sunglasses, being careful not to get too much glue on the lens (don't worry if you do though, it can be easily rubbed off after drying with nail polish remover). 

And, voila! Now leave them out to dry for at least an hour, then spray them with a fixative to keep the glitter in place. You now have a funky pair of glasses inspired by Miu Miu for much less. Seen ya'll soon!

Onto some other news: my dance was incredible! I can't wait to show you guys the pictures Sarah, Lauren and I took. They are super lovely! I have a few pictures here, here and here if you're anxious to see what I wore and how my hair was though. Enjoy the rest of your day! ♥
P.S: I looove this song!


deeps said...


Kati said...

Ha, what an absolute cool idea!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

they look amazing!! Glad your dance was fun xx

Georgia said...

I love this DIY!! I'll definitely be making a pair of those glasses. You look super lovely at your dance, your hair is just amazing! Enjoy your holidays.
Georgia x

Sasha said...

Fuuun! :) Love DIY projects, expecially when glitter is incorporated. Unfortunately, I cannot find large amouns of glitter in our stores...

Laura-May said...

it's really funny and easy to do :o

Mariana Raposo said...

Soo cutee! Who took this pictures? they have so much quality! what camera do u use??

Mariana XOXO


Chyrel Gomez said...

I want to try them with the shoes. Great idea!

Fashionisam said...

lovely DIY !


Audrey Peeters said...

Cute glasses! Your dress looked SO pretty!!! Looking forward to see the pics!

xx Audrey


Leanna Kay said...

Oh Marie-these are fabulous. I'm so gonna do this, I have friends who would love some sparkly sunglasses. Thanks for sharing!

Katie Frank said...

this is such amazing DIY!
love it !
i need to do same for myself !
<3 <3 <3 <3

Mariana Raposo said...

wow! I love this! Where did you get those glasses?



Marisa Violeta said...

This is the perfect DIY! I'm definitely going to try it <3

kaila mo said...

aw so cute!! and i really like your top!

Carla Laetitia said...

wow,very nice and cute idea! :)

best wishes,Carla-Laetitia ♥from: carla-laetitia.blogspot.de/

Harlow Darling said...

I love it, I'd love to get some cat eye glasses and do the same, but with silver glitter!
Love your blog by the way, it's so dreamy and you take such lovely photos :)

Carina said...

Maria, those sunnies are absolutely GORGEOUS! I must try it out some day. I would also like to do a DIY floral rimmed pair of sunnies. Indeed, I have so many craft projects planned these holidays; it's so exciting!

xx Carina

P.S If you haven't seen it, I made a new blog :) I would love it if you had a peak: windsweptwishesx.blogspot.com

Them Good Old Days said...

so cute and creative!!! YOur dress from that dance is absolutely stunning as are you! Would you perhaps check my blog out? I've been following yours for quite awhile now :)

sammycx said...

I love it! perfect for NYE :)