Saturday, July 06, 2013

Stripes and florals are one of my favourite print combinations, so when I picked up this beautiful jacquard skirt from Tempt on Monday, it instantly came to mind. I've been taking advantage of the warm winter weather lately by wearing 'Spring' outfits. I wore this one out to lunch on Thursday afternoon, followed by a lazy evening reading and watching old tv shows (Christy!).
I can't believe I'm going back to school the day after tomorrow; I swear I was only just getting hyped up after waltzing out of my last exam, head held high. Oh well, I enjoy school (especially since I have a fresh array of subjects this semester) and it's not always good for your brain to be watching youtube beauty videos and shopping all the time! Haha! :) See you guys soon xo



So lovely and delicate!


Veena said...

This is such a beautiful outfit, I love the stripes and florals combo! Thanks for sharing :)



Harlow Darling said...

So beautiful!! That skirt is loovely!

pigeon said...

ohh you're such a pretty lady!

i said...

Love the print mixing in this outfit! and I can't believe your holidays are so short, I have about another week to go! xx

Unknown said...

That skirt is just so adorable! Loving the pattern combo!


claire said...

I love this outfit! Your collar is too cute! x

Sammi said...

That skirt is so so lovely, and I really like it paired with the striped top. I'm not really much of a pattern mixer (I tend to be too matchy-matchy), but I think it really works on you! So pretty :)

xox Sammi

Lena said...

you look so gorgeous, such a nice mix of prints. I have to head off back to school tomorrow too, you're luck you get to change up your subjects, I'm stuck with the exact same ones for 2 years! x


OrigamiGirl said...

You look beautiful. It's such a classy outfit. I think the pearled peter pan collars should be here to stay because they make every outfit look a little more shiny. Good luck with back to school!

Unknown said...

oooh I love the combination too! you look so adorable :)

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Love the striped shirt with the collar necklace. You are an absolute doll :)

Wardrobe Quarry

SARAH said...

i am in love with that skirt, oh my god! the third and last pictures are also insanely adorable, ahh



: Green Chic Life : said...

The beaded collar on top of your striped top is perfect! It is funny for me (in the US) to read that you are having a warm winter and are wearing spring outfits, as my seasons are the opposite of yours! Thanks for reminding me that we live in such a wide world! Win a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses from Firmoo!

: signe
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Anonymous said...

Everything about this outfit is cute! Love your girly collar and this pretty skirt! You look lovely!

Xo, Hannah


Shop Style Conquer said...

i love pairing a simple stripe with other patterns and this outfit is a good example of why i like doing it; it can look really cool paired with things like florals!
As nice as holidays are (Im on mine atm) they do have to end eventually, hope you enjoy the new subjects :)

-Tara x


►Naďa said...

I love your photos ! :)