Thursday, December 19, 2013
 Ally t-shirt, Forever New lantern skirt, Oasap necklace available here, Revlon Lip butter in 'Raspberry Pie'

Today I braved the holiday crowds and caught the bus to our major shopping centre. It was a huge day out, I made new friends on the trips there and back (a lovely elderly couple who told me all about life back "when they were young" and a woman who I discussed Body Shop essentials with), I had sushi and a watermelon smoothie, shopped for five people, and kinda got home and dropped. My heels had the most horrendous blisters and to add to my list of glamorous personal occurrences; they bled and there is now blood all over my shoes. I mean, they hurt, but I didn't think they would bleed! Silly feet. 
I can't believe it's less than a week until Christmas, it surely doesn't feel like it. I've been pretty busy preparing over the last few days; we've all made rum balls and cookies and tonight I'm going to make cinnamon rolls (ala Izzy and her family) so I'm very excited about how those will turn out. 

On to the outfit: I'm really loving this odd combination of stripes and an exciting pattern. This skirt was found on the 50% off rack at Forever New and I couldn't pass it up. It's way too pretty. And festive. Plus, I needed a new skirt! Ok, yes, I've justified it enough... 
Anyway, I hope you're all geared up for Christmas and you're spending time with your loved ones! I need to play more carols to get into the spirit. Talk to you soon! xo


Grace said...

Eep, I wore stripes today too! Plus mint is one of my favourite colours (other than blue, blue, blue) so I love this outfit very much and can't wait to replicate it. Wish I could make friends as easily as you do! :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful outfit! The skirt and necklace are my favorite! :)

Unknown said...

Love this outfit! It's perfect just like you! :)

Sammi said...

Oooh that skirt is beautiful! And I love that necklace!

xox Sammi

Sandra said...

ohhhh she is perfec ^^
1. My Blythe and me

Unknown said...

That skirt sure is lovely and at 50% off, you can't lose!

Sounds like you had a lovely shopping extravaganza, except for the shoes. :( No fun.

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday season, love!


Unknown said...

The skirt is so gorgeous Maria, there's no need for justification when it was 50% off! You look like a glamorous film star in these photos.

Apart from your feet, I hope the shopping trip was a success. I finished my Christmas shopping last week, but that's not to say I had some it just me, or do you forget what you need to buy the minute you step foot into the shopping centre? I need to carry lists everywhere!

xx Carina

Isabelle said...

I am actually so jealous that you're on holiday Maria, blisters aside. I hope the cinnamon rolls turned out well! I could go for some of those right now. I totally agree about your outfit- it is an odd, yet definitely "working" combo! I swear, you're the queen of mixing patterns. And that necklace is just perfect. Another Oasap gem, I see! <3 Hope you're doing well.

xo, Izzy

Unknown said...

Ohh my goodness I adore that skirt! Mint plus gold designs! How could anyone possibly resist it?!

Anonymous said...

I love your pretty mint necklace-- it matches your new skirt perfectly! And it's quite bold that you paired this pastel hue with black and white stripes. The skirt and top look so cute together!

Xo, Hannah

Charlotte said...

What a lovely ensemble! That skirt is perfect.
Your hair is beautiful too!
Happy Holidays! =]