Saturday, December 11, 2010

the bag snatcher

Three of my favorite bags, shown below. Also, what's good and bad about each one. 

(Sunnygirl top, Forever New denim skirt, Gucci bag) 
LIKE: This mini-bag is really cute and goes with virtually anything because of the multifunctional color. Mainly a casual, daytime bag. I also looove the fact that it has a cute little pocket/compartment inside to store spare change, tissues or your phone. 
DISLIKE: I am not sure whether it's real or fake. I'm just going to go with the 'real fake' status as it doesn't look to scruffy. And, I recommend only taking a bag out like this out when you only have little to carry as it doesn't take much to overload it. 
VERDICT: Even if I got it for $5.00 at a Recycled Clothing store, what's the harm in saying it's real? Right? 

(Forever New white dress, Christian Dior bag)
LIKE: This bag is seriously the prettiest thing ever. The design is so unique, reminding me of watercolors being splashed out over a palette. Having done a post about this bag before, I won't write too much; only that I loooooove this bag.
DISLIKE: Hmm... nothing! 
VERDICT: Goes with white the best. And yes, I do think it's a genuine! 

(Vintage mesh bag, Just Add Sugar dress)
Like: When I first got it, it was shiny, pure white and really elegant. It made casual outfits a bit more classy and the metal mesh is really in at the moment.
Dislike: It deteriorated quickly. The chains are breaking, and the outline of the mesh-metal is becoming dirtier. 
Verdict: Well, as said in the 'like' column, it can turn a casual outfit classy with the vintage look and feel. But, it does die quite quickly. I wouldn't recommend this be an 'everyday' bag. 

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