Thursday, November 03, 2011
How cute are the hair accessories from Kani's etsy? 

This is a very plain Polyvore I know, but I'm at loss for inspiration! Having to complete comprehension booklets, learn about different religions and study indices isn't exactly ideal for an aspiring fashion writer constantly on the hunt for inspiration. Oh well, the week is nearly over and I have an exciting girls-night-in to look forward to with Izzy! I'm talking Clueless, girly magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen, delicious food and the latest gossip.
prettyness ft. doilies

As well as all that, I completed my purple dress in sewing class and it turned out very nice. However, I've decided to make the drastic choice of chopping off the top of it and altering it into a midi-skirt because the sleeveless design and low neckline are rather unflattering (I guess you could say the Polyvore is a few little things that would go nicely with the dress-about-to-be-turned-skirt). Wish me luck!

Hopefully an outfit post will be up on the weekend, all depending on the weather! 


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love the simple polyvore, gorgeous items (that bag is calling to me!) Sounds like a lovely night you have planned =) xxx

Unknown said...

love this inspiration love it so romantic kisses

ANGIE said...

Great outfit...I love it!So romantic and girly;):)

Inhale | Fashion and Beauty said...

great outfit.
Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

Ellie Burns said...

i loooove the outfit! xxx

K. said...

so lovely! I love bows;)

The Clothes Maiden said...

that bow is so cute!


Isabella said...

Such an adorable little bow! I love all your Polyvores. You're so good at them! I'm so excited for our girls night in, pizzant! X

Unknown said...

Your blog is awesome!I'd be really glad to follow you:) i hope u'll follow me back!

ftashion said...

I love everything that you picked! They are too pretty!

Fang Ting

MissKait said...

that hair bow is so freaking cute. i LOVE it!

xoxo katlin

Laureen said...

Beautiful and romantic inspiration ! The hair bo is so cute !


Bad Joan said...

Love the bow and the set that you created! So cute!


Aya Smith said...

These are all such dainty and feminine pieces! I love that sort-of rococo vibe :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I love this outfit! The colors are beautiful! The blue in the earrings is one of my favorite colors!