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Saturday, March 15, 2014
Recognise this outfit? I wanted to put forth a question for all of you personal style bloggers out there: Do you ever shoot an outfit at more than one location and can't choose which place you like best? I can't be the only one! This outfit looked really pretty up against the wooden fence, so I had to share the contrast. ♥ 

Hey guys! It's been over a week since my last post (shocking, I know!), and you can blame that entirely on school work. I took a bit of time out today though because I felt like making a video (it's been a while) and despite the fact that I am still the most awkward, ineloquent vlogger in the universe, I hope you enjoy the video none the less! The products I talked about have seriously been serving me well lately so I had to share. I linked a few of them in the description box of the video. Enjoy! 
And p.s: Would you like another Roaccutane update? I was going through my old videos today too and I cannot believe the difference seven months makes on treatment. It's especially obvious if you compare this video to the one I made today. 


Jenna Leigh said...

loved the video :)

come look at my blog,

Unknown said...

You look so cute, i love your dress.
Simple curtains also can take different feeling