Sunday, March 05, 2017

some things cosmic

Have you ever discovered an album that absolutely encapsulates exactly what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing the moment you are actually experiencing it? I recently scrolled through Angel Olsen's past work on Spotify as I was dying for fresh music that still had the same feel of that artists that I absolutely love and I came across her debut album, Strange Cacti, released in 2011. It is honestly one of the most beautiful collections of songs I've listened to.

"Some Things Cosmic" and "Creator, Destroyer" are two songs that I absolutely cannot stop listening to. It's funny too, when I think about what these songs are meant to release in the listener emotionally; when I listen to them now they add to the happiness, dreaminess and dazed feelings I have about life lately, yet I feel they would also provide immense comfort and relevance in moments of sadness and shortcomings, too. I think it's a pretty incredible thing to have achieved as a musical artist: the ability to evoke a whole range of emotions from the listener. It is so hard to explain the impact Angel's music has on me. I just feel so content when I listen to it.

Here's the Spotify direct link for all of you music-fiends that are as obsessed as I am with discovering new jams. Also, if you haven't invested in Spotify premium - what are you waiting for?! 



Jess Acton said...

I just wanted to say that these photos are so stunning! You look very classic, but with a retro, almost Virgin Suicides vibe. I haven't listened to much Angel Olsen, but I keep hearing about her so I'm definitely going to have a relaxing spotify session when I'm home! xx


Jenn said...

I love the off the shoulder look so pretty in this outfit!

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Paulie Antiques said...

you are so beautiful! I LOVE this song by Angel Olsen... thanks for sharing- I really needed some inspiration and new music :)

love, polly