welcoming the new year: an interview with jessica

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012 everyone! I thought; why not get it started by introducing you to the very classic and beautiful Jessica from The Tragic Sense. I've been anticipating this interview for a while now as I'm constantly amazed by her impeccable taste in clothing, whimsical way with words, her clever and visually exciting photography and, last but not least, the beautiful collection of vintage she so effortlessly puts together. Jessica is also very humble and kind, making interviewing her delightful and inspiring. You can check out her other outfits at her blog, chictopia & lookbook.


In your spare time, you would usually be found...
Taking photos, thrifting, reading, writing, or blogging. I received a sewing machine for Christmas so I suppose that I will soon add sewing to the list? We’ll see how it goes!

Was your Mum a vintage collector like yourself?
No, not at all! She has some mildly terrifying remnants of her 80s wardrobe, but alas, my lovely mother is not nostalgic for clothing quite like I am. My maternal grandmother was said to be very stylish in her heyday and I’ve managed to acquire a few of her best hats! 

Is there anything or anyone in particular that inspires your style?
Not anybody in particular at the moment. I feel like my process of becoming inspired is much more organic now than it used to be. I am inspired by events, images, fleeting moments, dreams, memories, art, films, books, history and fairytales. The internet too is an endless source of inspiration! I’ve learned so much from ladies far spiffier than I in this vast, impressive fashion community.

Any photography skills you would like to share?

I’m certainly no expert, but photography is my first love so perhaps I will share with you some of my “wisdom” from over the years! To begin- practice, practice, practice! Get out there and take pictures of everything and everyone. As you develop an eye for composition and gain a better understanding of what strikes you aesthetically and emotionally, your individual photographic voice will emerge. Be inspired by other artists but don’t let your admiration consume you. Know your gear! Read about your camera and its functions, you’d be amazed how much more you can do artistically when you’ve got a firm grasp on its mechanics. At the same time, don’t fret over equipment. It’s not about having the best camera out there, it’s about you, the artist. It’s your vision. Don’t let it be spoiled by self-doubt. I’m happiest when I’m shooting with my old Minolta on haphazardly bought film from the supermarket!


Describe your beauty regime;
I am very meticulous about my skin because it was so terrible when I was a teenager (photos of my younger self are always quite humbling), at which time I developed a routine for taking care of it as best I could under the circumstances. I don’t shell out a ton of money on products, but I do own a basic cleanser, exfoliating cream, moisturizer, and lots of lip balm. I love trying out natural remedies as well! I've been using Vitamin E oil on my face recently and its been doing wonders for my brittle skin in the dry Canadian cold. It makes my makeup go on so smoothly. My go-to look is a cat eye, blush, dark brows and lightly red stained lips.

Three materialistic items you could not live without;
My camera, my vintage clothing collection (I know, I’m cheating!) and my laptop.

If you could go back in time to any era, what would it be?
Although I do often romanticize the past, I very much enjoy living right here in the present, where I can can take bits and pieces of inspiration from any era I choose with the added benefits of air conditioning and women’s rights! Fashion-wise, my favourite era is changing all the time. Right now I love the Victorian era for those elaborate, ethereal ensembles depicted in paintings. I’m also loving the 40s and 50s for classic glamour, lots of volume, immaculate hair and makeup and of course, the New Look!

All photos courtesy of Jessica Celebre ♥


Julia said...

Wow, I really love the last two photos. That coat is beautiful (especially paired with the hat)

Very cute!

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Such gorgeous photos :) Nice interview.

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She is absolutely stunning, what a great find :) so inspiring reading it!!


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SomeoneLikeYou said...

Ahh, Maria you picked the perfect lady to interview ❤ I have simply adored Jessica ever since she started her blog back in July... She is impeccably beautiful, so poised, a phenomenal writer, and not to mention a magician with words. It was so lovely learning more about her! xx

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She is beautiful! Must go check out her blog!

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Great post... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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love her romantic style.
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What a great interview, now I'm definitely glad I followed you back! :) She's lovely and her blog has such softness and charm to it. Thanks for uncovering a new gem for me to enjoy, I'll give her blog a follow as well!


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A wonderful interview Maria and an impeccable subject too boot! The imagery was perfect- frankie quality I would say, I can't wait for you to do another.

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great interview and wonderful photos.


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Ahh, what an incredible interview! I am definitely checking out her blog now - I absolutely loved her answer to the last question!

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I lover her blog! Thanks for interviewing!

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She has a gorgeous, unique style. :)

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