diary XIV // creative ideas and winter outfits

Monday, July 21, 2014
A few little things to do if you're bored: brighten up your room with some flowers in a glass bottle! it's easy, inexpensive and very pretty, make cupcakes with passionfruit and white chocolate (recipe courtesy of my friend Belle; they're so good), and play around with double exposure on photoshop! I'm still a rookie, but it was fun putting these pictures together all the same. 

Happy Monday! Sorry it's been so long since the last update - school has officially started again and I've hit the ground running (literally). It's been very busy the last few days with school work, social events and other things but it's nice to finally sit down and write for you guys and for myself. Today I went a little (OK, a lot) out of my comfort zone and joined the school soccer team because a) I've been testing out this whole 'yes' way of life similar to the move Yes Man where I don't say no to opportunities and b) I just kinda thought it would be fun. 
In all honesty, I was freaking out so much about it because sport is not something I am very well acquainted with; I generally stick to the half hour runs after school each day and that's that. Hand-eye coordination is a little rusty. Anyway, soccer was a grand success, I had a blast and our team won our first game. I am absolutely exhausted but it was great because the only thing I was thinking about was the ball. Sometimes I think pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone (or in this case, completely knocking them down), leaves you feeling like you've made a huge difference to your confidence/ well being and your attitude to everything else. I didn't want to participate today; I felt sick and I was moody, but as soon as the ball went into play I just forgot about everything and had a good time. I learnt something new about myself today. 

Here are some Winter/ Spring outfits! I've been experimenting with layers a little more this Winter and I'm loving the result. It's so much fun throwing different textures, shapes and patterns together. I love the pastels and the pop of red lipstick in the first outfit, the "horse riding" chic inspired jacket in the second outfit and the relaxed 90s feel of the third outfit. 


Unknown said...

You are a much braver 17 year old than I was back in the day! There's no way I would have joined the soccer team (I wasn't very sporty either) and I wish I was more involved back in high school, in that sense. You are awesome Maria!

I love your winter/spring outfits, especially the first. Your scarf is gorgeous!

Best of luck with this next term at school. Not long to go now :)

xx Carina

ensembledeux said...

I love these pictures and Im a fan of your style!! :)


Miranda said...

I love the candy test tubes! Best of luck with school!

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Unknown said...

Awesome pics! Love your style :D

Ashley | http://artedellamoda.blogspot.co.nz/


best of luck with your next term at school! you're so cute!