life through the lens #6

Saturday, July 05, 2014
Lovely pink peonies from the markets in Brisbane // Romantic pastels and huge sunglasses for warmer winter days
My sisters and I made these pancake for lunch and it was by far the best lunch we've ever had // Reading in the sun with a sandwich and a good book 

Greetings internet! Today I thought I would share a few snippets from my Instagram (and my camera roll in general) from over the last month or so. Some of these photos consist of what I've been up to these holidays which have mostly consisted of impromptu cafe visits, sleepovers with friends, the beach and delightful food. To balance out the relaxation/ decadent food side of things, today my friend Abbey (along with her sister and Mum) did a 20km walk from Yaroomba to Noosa. I'm not sure whether my body has fully grasped the fact that I walked such a long distance, but I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow when I inevitably wake up with sore limbs (but hopefully glowing post-exercise skin)! 

 Stopping for an 'Emma and Tom' break in Brisbane in between the museum and the gallery // Pretty watercolour sunsets at Kangaroo Point
Driving around town in Ruby's vintage car - it's so much fun when your friends have their licenses! 
Pretty flowers on an overcast afternoon // The neighbour's little puppy is always stopping over our house for a visit! She's such a fluffy little darling

I hope you enjoy looking through these pictures and if you're on holidays, you're having a wonderful time! I hope you're enjoying life in general because everyone deserves to :) I'm off to sip some rooibos tea and crawl into bed with season 4 of Gossip Girl. Yep, I'm hooked again. 

Finally happy with the decorating of my room - my two pillows are from Target and the wall art is from various magazines and the watercolour is something I did earlier in the year which I was very happy with! 
 Coolum Beach was absolutely BREATHTAKING today. We wanted to swim so badly but it would have put us off course! 
Husk and Honey deliciousness // Denim jackets are my life


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great post and photos !! :)
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Sampada said...

What lovely snaps! I especially like the ones with the flowers -- they turned out so well! Glad to see you're having lots of fun.

Unknown said...

Amazing photos! Wish I could take ones as good as yours :D

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