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Wednesday, July 09, 2014
Temt sweater, Boohoo skirt

I was trying to come up with a witty and clever title for this post... and "Coral Floral" and "Spode Mode" came into the conversation with Izzy (whom is sitting directly across from me) and after a fair bit of laughter at how lame those titles sounded, I finally came up with a title that relates to this post (because I am perched precariously on a fence...) and also my life: Fence Sitter. That is my philosophical contribution to the world for today. Thank you. 
Today was spent at my friend Belle's house; we baked cupcakes whilst reminiscing about high school life (we thought it was appropriate considering we finish in just over four months!), talking about boys, watching High School Musical (see a pattern here?), danced around in heels and then took some pretty photos in the afternoon light. One of my favourite things about the holidays is spontaneous catch-ups with my close friends; it seems to ease the sting of returning to school in a matter of days considerably. 
I was wearing a very Wintry/ Spring outfit in my friend Belle's field! This lovely skirt is from Boohoo and the sweater was an emergency borrow from Belle's closet due to the single digit temperatures (not really single digit, but definitely felt like it!). 
I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the week - I go back to school in five days and it's Term 3, which is otherwise known as "the killer", "the term from hell", and... THE ONE THAT BREAKS YOU. Don't worry, it won't break me. I'm a strong, independent white woman that can juggle her academic life with her social life perfectly.*



Ruby Sterland said...

Maria this has to be one of my favourite posts of yours, ever! So, so pretty. Sounds like you had a fab time too, cupcakes, boy talks and HSM are always great. xx


Miranda said...

Sounds like a fun girly day! :) Hang in there through the end of school...you can do it!

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Unknown said...

gorgeous photos, you look wonderful!
Emma xx

Kierra Makayla said...

That skirt is so pretty, along with that sweater; the color is gorgeous.


Harlow Darling said...

Magical photos!!! I love that skirt so much :D I wish you all the best with your studies :)

Unknown said...

Amazing photos, love the jumper