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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ahh, September. It's been a while since I blogged, so here's a little update on what's been happening in my life... 

- The last few weeks have been ABSOLUTELY brutal in regards to uni and assessment - hence the silence on Avenue Maria. I have to take an economics course in order to contribute to my degree and let me tell you, as much as I am very gifted with the art of spending money, I have no grasp on how it actually works in society. Srsly. Why wasn't I taught about the stock market in school? Or the GFC? I am an adult now and I feel like knowing about that sort of stuff is a prerequisite. Anyway, so I submitted the assignment in the end, cried a few tears in the process (I also have no issue expressing emotions) and consumed lots of chocolate, crossing my fingers that my tutor passed the wretched thing.
- This dress is beautiful, and I love it. I think it makes me look like a life-sized Christmas ornament. It's H&M (surprise) and was on sale for $30 (surprise surprise!) so naturally it went straight in my basket. While Tess and I were taking these photos this afternoon a little girl and her Mum approached us because the little girl thought I was a "Princess". It was really sweet and made my week. 
- Driving test for my P's license is coming up. If I pass first go you'll definitely hear about it on all social medias because I'll be that bloomin' excited.
- Overall, I'm doing pretty okay you guys. I'm happy. There are good and bad days, but the bad ones are few and far between. I am still going to Headspace and finding a lot of use out of it - it's such an excellent program and as much as Australians complain about the government system, there's a lot that is done right (especially in regards to youth mental health) and I'm really thankful and lucky to be living here. 
- There's a dance coming up next weekend which is SO EXCITING! You all know how much I love the dances my local parish put together. A lot of my friends from Brisbane are back from their overseas adventures too, which is wonderful because the Mambo No. 5 is never the same without them!
- Here's the music I've been listening to lately. If you're a Stranger Things fan you'll recognise a lot of the songs are from the first soundtrack! So good. It's quite a bittersweet playlist. 

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