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Friday, September 09, 2016

I like flowers to be the first thing I see in the morning - and roses and baby's breath together are one of my favourite combinations. So beautiful and feminine. These ones are from the markets; I popped into the city on Wednesday afternoon and picked them up as they are generally quite cheap towards the end of the day! 

This photo was taken right before my little sister lowered my camera and pegged a handful of the yellow seeds hanging above my head at me. So charming! 

AND this photo was taken an hour before I had beer spilt all down my back on a raging dance floor, someone whacked me on the butt (yeah... I did NOT sign up for that thank you very much!), and I lost my house key somewhere between the Grease medley and 500 Miles. We (my roomies and I) don't go out on the town much, but when we do, we definitely take it to the next level...

An abandoned hotel in Woolloongabba in Brisbane's south. Very spooky looking... 

Me-time. Listening to records, gazing at the fairy lights on my windows and reading are some of my favourite elements of my bedroom and having my own space.

Well, hello there September! You have crept up on me so quickly! This time last year I was in a very different place in life, and not very happy. In a year I've grown very much as a woman, achieved lots of little (and big) things for myself and at the moment, feel pretty okay with how my life has been going. Here's some photos I thought I would share with you all from my Instagram as some of you don't have it :) 

Music has always been a major aspect of my life; however this year I've really broadened my genre palette and have discovered so much talent that Spotify has quickly become my most-used app and often the reason my battery is so low at the end of the day (I feel like if I had to keep one app over FB and Spotify, I would have no issues deleting the former for good).

This month, albeit we are just over a week into it, has brought about a range of discoveries... including a new found love for Glass Animals, and stumbling upon Father John Misty who has increased my quality of life during bus commutes from a 5 to an 8! WOW! 
Here we have a new playlist that I have compiled - all songs that I have had on repeat for the last week or so. As always, it's quite eclectic and diverse. A lot of support for my fellow Australians, and also some international artists too. Bon Iver's latest single is in there too. Enjoy, and follow me on Spotify for more playlists if you're interested :)

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