how to find: The Perfect Handbag

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Shopping for a reliable handbag that you want to go with everything can be a complex process. But here are a few useful tips that will help you find the perfect handbag:
  • Stick with multi-functional colors like white, cream, tan and black.
  • Before you go shopping decide what you want in terms of size, pockets, fabric and shape, or if you want any particular design. 
  • If you don't have at least a vague idea of what you want to purchase, this could create serious problems. You could get carried away in your favorite bag shop and end up buying something totally different to what you actually need. (known from experience) 
  • Found the perfect bag? Before you buy it, make sure you actually try it first. Get in front of a mirror and see if it suits you. 
  • Most of all, will it comfortable on your arm or shoulder for long periods of time?  
I have included some pictures of Chanel handbags. These are the kind off luxe bags that could get you carried away:

Source: Google Images
All facts, are known by experience. 

Cut-out queen

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dresses with 'cut-out' detail are making a come back. Seeing them in many of the fashion chain-stores in the plaza where I live, I'm frequently coming across dresses with cut-out backs, sides and sleeves. Definitely one to watch! 

(This ELLERY dress is definitely one that caught my eye. Gorgeous gold detail, and a really cool design)

precious vintage

Friday, September 24, 2010
Deep into the 'old' section of my mothers closet lies the  hidden - vintage - wonders! For example, old bridesmaids dresses, old jewelry she inherited from my great-grandmother, hats, gloves and... a beautiful 'foil look' gold dress with tiny black polka dots embroidered into the fragile material. This incredible vintage dress was made by the brand EWALDO, which was like the Alex Perry of my mothers time, well, sort of. It dates back to the 80's, when gold and black were in. 

This is the dress. It has a sweetheart neckline, rouched sleeves and black netting under the skirt to give it 'ooomph'. 

There was alot of these kind of dresses in the 80's. This is an example of a Studibaker Hawk dress. It has be embroidered with gold sequins. 

Highly Recommended Online Fashion Boutiques

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
I have gathered together (with the help of my fabulously fashionable sister) some highly recommended online fashion boutiques that you must go to! 

Freeze is great, it has thousands of gorgeous clothes at a cheaper price than what you would get in the department store. It has beautiful clothes, all the latest fashion and in-season buys to suit every occasion.  Freez offers many labels such as MINKPINK, Ladakh, Anise, Sunnygirl, Living Doll, Junk, Pink Stitch, Wakee Jeans, Wet Seal, All About Eve, Just Add Sugar, IDS, Sarroff, Jimmy Dexta, Zoom Shoes, Sunday Andrea & Joen, Freez, Ausko, Miss Me, Downtown, Condura, Adorne, Missco, Lili, Finders Keepers, August Street, Sass and soooo many more! 

3 of my favorite dresses from the Freez website:

This pretty pink dress is versatile and elegant. Great for weddings and special occasions. Ideal with white, glossy pumps. 

This pretty playsuit (OMG, my sister ordered it, that means i can steal it and wear it myself!) is great for summer. Perfect for just about anything, from a night out with the girls, the first date or just the casual shopping spree. 

Love, love, love!!! This is soo gorgeous! Versatile, in-fashion, totally snazzy and great for a variety of body shapes. 

Although they only stock dresses (as far as I'm concerned) they are all very pretty. The garments all look quality made. And even better, express delivery within Australia is FREE! (conditions apply
3 of my top favorite dresses! 

This dress if really glamorous, but unfortunately for us chocolate lovers, this dress if quite 'snug'. STRICTLY FRUIT AND VEG. But it looks amazing! 

Pretty, feminine and vintage. Especially flattering for the hour-glass figure as it is cinched below the bust to acknowledge the slim waist. 

White is gorgeous, and never goes out of fashion. You can wear just about any color with white, so with this dress, take advantage of its versatility. 

Probably my favourite site of them all, even though it is like comparing apples, oranges and  pears. They all have there good qualities. I love just about everthing on this site. And if I was $1,000 richer my wardrobe would consist of these dresses, and many more. '

The 'Rosey floral playsuit'. It's officially the cutest thing ever. I love it. So much. 

Mui Mui inspired. I looove the birds, it has been created beautifully and is very flattering. I love how its cinched at the waist. I would probably wear it with tan strappy heals or white glossy flats. 
Great beach dress. This dress would definitely be an investment. It can be used for so much. Beach parties, shopping and going out for ice-cream in Summer. 

What are you waiting for? Start e-shopping! 

blossom magic

Today i got the most ah-mazing Billabong swimsuit ever! So gorgeous and spring-inspired, i love it so much! 

thanks to hannah ♥

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fabulous fashion photos, thanks to Hannah!

The most versatile piece of clothing

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Revisiting the previous location of my last shoot (Rosy Tea), these photos are acknowledging my fabulous Billabong trench-coat. Little did I know that when I bought it (for $150), that it would be so versatile and for-every-occasion material. I got it about a year and a half ago from a big surf shop. It is a perfect example of the 'ideal investment'. And, I have to admit, I didn't expect this beautiful trench-coat to come from a surf brand.

Rosy Tea

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I felt that it was time to use the gorgeous rose china stocked away in the cabinet that nobody had touched in years. Well, it has been off-limits to me and my younger siblings for a while now, but now that i am a grown up, mature teenager, i deserve the right to use these pretty works-of-art. So, I set off into the garden, sat down and had some rosy tea... (pink cordial).