the middle of age 21

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Brisbane QLD, Australia

Hello! Remember me??

I'm currently sitting here at my desk, sipping at my third cup of rooibos for the evening (it's going to be annoying when I get into bed and realise I'll need to make several trips to the toilet...), and to be honest, I'm not sure where to start. The period between my last post (July) and now (September) has been quite... busy and eventful. Work life is really good - I'm enjoying working with all my friends at McDonald's again, making coffees and hosting kid's parties which is always a hilarious and rewarding way to make money. I also just got a new job at Seed Heritage which is so so exciting because I've always loved their clothing and I've been wanting to get my foot into the retail door for a while now. I start on Thursday and I'm very excited to make new friends, build my wardrobe up even more and gain some insight into the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world. Juggling two jobs could be tricky until I find my feet but I'm sure I'll be fine - as long as I can keep paying my bills that's all that matters! #adultlife

Me, 1 hour into arriving at any party I thought I was TOTALLY
ready to go to... smh. 
My personal life has been a little bit turbulent as of late - Max and I broke up at the beginning of August and, being my first break up, it really hasn't been easy. It wasn't messy or bitter in any way; just sad and really really hard. I'm still not really sure how to put it into words; as I said, I've not experienced this before. Going back into the "single life" routine has been okay - I've picked up a few new hobbies that have helped get my mind off any sad thoughts (yoga and meditation!!); I've been spending lots of time with friends, but also enjoying my own company too. I still consider him to be one of my best friends and thinking back to the time we spent together in the 7ish months we dated, I genuinely feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have those memories - particularly as it was my first relationship. I learnt so much about love and who I am as a person. It was an amazing, beautiful experience that involved lots of laughter, companionship and romance and I will always think back on it fondly. (And hey Max, if you're reading this, thanks for going on an adventure with me :))

Me, except at Grill'd, with a dine-in order and the cheeseburger
is actually the "Summer Sunset" on a gf bun
Anyway, so there's been lots of change in life lately. Some good, bad and just downright confusing... but the saying "everything happens for a reason" has been replaying like a broken record in the back of my mind. It's comforting as the future rears its interesting head at me each morning when I wake up and wonder what the day's going to bring.
I hope your life is going well - wherever you're reading this from and whoever you are. Hopefully I'll be back here again sooner, rather than later.


** Also, cheers to Carrie Bradshaw for comforting me in times of emotional weakness and interesting sartorial choices...