rosey posey // summertime happiness

Sunday, December 21, 2014
- Handmade top, thrifted skirt, Corelli shoes, Oasap sunglasses -

Seasons greetings! There's less than five days until Christmas and I am well and truly behind in the carol blaring, Christmas cookie baking and present buying/ wrapping. Aside from working (which I would rather not talk about and pretend doesn't exist), I have been spending time with my family, shopping and finally reaching the stage where I am genuinely happy and relieved that school is finished forever and I can revel in the freedom of choosing my pathway in life. Yesterday I received my OP rank and although the whole system is completely useless and only serves as a temporary entry ticket into university (as well as a bid to make the school you went to look good - thanks for all that unnecessary pressure SJC!), I am still proud of my single digit result and it's usefulness in allowing me entry into all of the courses that I applied for. Woo!

I'm still pretty unsure of what next year holds education and work wise, but I do know that it's going to be wonderful. Whatever it is. Something I learned in 2014 is that I do underestimate my ability quite a lot, and there is power in positive thinking. Basically my goals include: getting my driver's license, a car and to be happy. Oh! And some form of romance would be good... but there's no hurry, I am an independent woman after all!

As you've probably noticed, my hair is quite short! I got the chop recently and it is honestly one of the best feelings ever! So fresh and bouncy! Although it looked much better on the day of the cut and blow dry, I still love the length and the lack of split ends. I highly recommend The French Touch hair and beauty salon if you're ever on the Sunshine Coast and need a good hair cut or whatever. 
I best be off, I think I'll watch Maleficent tonight with a big cup of rooibos tea and my plush elephant, Heather, whom I bought today because I was cranky and needed a hug. Hope you're all well. Merry Christmas xo