Thursday, January 31, 2013
Asos dress, sweater c/o Sheinside, Miss Shop boots, Emerson bag 

These pictures were taken the day before that crazy typhoon emerged out of nowhere (and when it was a lot cooler) hence, the fluffy sweater. Anyway! Onto my day! It was my first day of grade 11 (as a senior *ahem*) and it wasn't as horrideous as I thought it would be. I have an excellent set of teachers for all of my subjects and I'm really happy with how it's all going. It's crazy how time is flying though; I feel like it was only yesterday I was a naive little year 8 child with a school dress that dusted the floor behind me, a bulky backpack and the most awkward disposition  Thank god I've changed!

P.S: Posting won't be as regular now that I'm back at school, I'm sorry! I'll try my best to post as often as possible but getting top marks is my main priority. I hope to see you all again soon!
P.P.S: You must listen to this song... it's like newly blossomed flowers, honey and sweet tea all composed into a song. The most beautiful melody I've ever heard!

My Bedroom (a tour video!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I finally decided to do a room tour for you guys! And for some of you, this might even be the first time you hear my voice! I always love it when bloggers do videos so I can pinpoint their voice to the photos -- it just feels so much more personal. Oh, and I wanted to share a cool fun fact with you guys too! Did you know that today (the 27th of January, 2013) marks the 200th anniversary of the first published copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? I thought that was quite extraordinary.

I hope you enjoy this shambles of a video, if you have any questions, just let me know :) Enjoy the video!
P.S: Sorry about the lack of outfit posts lately, we are experiencing some pretty crazy weather at the moment (almost cyclonic) so it wouldn't be the most intelligent thing to take outfit pictures while gale force winds and torrential rain wreck havoc!


my summer favourites

Friday, January 25, 2013

I've been wanting to do one of those posts for what seems like forever, I love to read them so I thought you would enjoy this one! This Summer has been a whirlwind of experimenting with new products, finding hidden treasures in opshops and taking in the delicious Summer heat (well, most of the time it has been pleasant!). Probably the highlight of my Summer has been moving to a beautiful, new house and also finally reaching my goal of getting a camera. I've been using it a lot lately, experimenting with manual settings and I'm going to buy the supplies for this tutorial tomorrow - I'm so excited, I'll be sure to share with you the results if it's a success!

Favourite perfumes: Miss Dior Cherie EDP and Daisy (Marc Jacobs replica, gift from Izzy)

I've had my lovely bottle of Miss Dior since my 15th birthday in February of last year... it's such a delicate, feminine fragrance perfect for day and night. This will always be my signature scent ♥ 
Daisy was a gift from Izzy for Christmas and smells gorgeous! A versatile fragrance for all year 'round.

 Favourite nail polish combination: Essence Snow White collection sparkles $4, Cutex Ice Mocha nail polish $1
You all know how much of a big fan I am of sparkly nails! This combination of a pretty peach and gold glitter is a particular favourite of mine as it is very subtle and flattering for so many different skin types. I love both these nail polishes too... they are so affordable but the quality is marvellous! 

 Favourite blush and eyeshadow: Bourjois blush in 'Rose Tentation' $19, Bourjois eyeshadow in 'Beige Rose' $19
I've had both of these for such a long time, but they never fail me! The blush is perfect for adding a very subtle flush of pink to my cheeks, and this eyeshadow is such a necessity for brightening up my eyes, highlighting my brow bone and evening out my skin tone.

 Favourite lip products: Revlon lip butter in 'Raspberry Pie' $20, Australis Mineral lipstick in 'Cha-Cha' $10

These two lipsticks are my favourites ever by far! I purchased the Australis lipstick about a week ago and at first didn't like it as it had a strange soapy taste, but adored the rich pretty colour. I found a solution to that problem though by wearing vanilla lip balm over the top. Not only did it help with the yucky soap taste, but it melted the colouring into my lips creating a stained effect that lasted all day. Bonus! I've had this Revlon lip butter for a few months now and I find it photographs wonderfully and moisturises really well.

 Favourite body scrub and moisturiser: Sportsgirl Scrub Up! $10, Sportsgirl Butter Dream $10

Oh my gosh, I love these two together so much! The body scrub smells divine (good enough to eat!) and even better, it's pink! It's perfect for knees and elbows. The vanilla body butter is amazing too, ideal for replenishing the skin after exfoliation. Leaving it 1000x silkier. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway with these two products because I know that Sportsgirl isn't available everywhere. What you think? :) 

 Favourite accessories: Alannah Hill bow clip (Christmas gift from my sister), vintage purse from an opshop for 20c (nope, I'm not kidding!), thrifted ladybird ring 50c, thrifted hand painted cameo brooch $2, bracelets from top: thrifted $1, Lovisa set $5, silver bangle gift from my Mum 

Being on holidays is the perfect time for op-shopping. I've been so many times... discovering new shops and finding beautiful, vintage treasures that cost me less than a chai latte at my favourite coffee shop. It's also very convenient finishing work after lunch when the op-shops are relatively deserted and close by. I think the purse is my favourite, not only because it cost me 20c, but because my Grandma has exactly the same one and I've been coveting it for such a while, now I have my own!

Have a lovely day! If you have an questions, comments or post suggestions, please let me know by sending me an email: :) xoxo


Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Asos skirt, Valleygirl blouse, thrifted heels, Forever New belt, 

It's all skirts and tops lately isn't it! I think I might be starting to adore this combination more than dresses. I guess it's because I can mix outfits up a lot more + it's a lot easier to deal with the simmering heat. I've been quite busy the last few days... mostly working, planning out the next few weeks on paper (time to start getting serious about saving $$) and spending time with friends and family. Abbey came over for a sleepover yesterday and this morning we woke up and made pancakes with caramel sauce (yummo!) and ate on the patio. The weather was also really wonderful for taking pictures too, so we took a few on the neighbours pretty property. I hope a cranky old man doesn't live there, because one day I know I'll get caught, haha!

Tomorrow is a busy day too, I head to straight to work bright and early, then after that I have a few appointments to get to. Oh, and wish me luck on not spending anything at the Modcloth Cabin Fever sale. I'll need it :P

Thanks for taking my pictures Abbey!

sequinned picnic

Saturday, January 19, 2013

 Asos skirt, Emerson white top, gifted boater hat, Betts shoes

This skirt is easily the most beautiful item of clothing I have ever owned. It's entirely made of sequins, beads and tulle (aka. a dream skirt!) and not something you would think was under $30, but it was (yippee!). Anyway, for this outfit which I plan on wearing on the picnic we are going on later this week, I wanted the skirt to stand out as much as possible, so this pretty white top was perfect. I hadn't worn this little boater in a while either. If you've been a long time reader of Avenue M, you might remember it from my first ever outfit posts (it was my favourite accessory, ever!). It was quite a regular occurrence!

Anyway, I wanted to share something really exciting with you all! I was recently accepted as a Teen Vogue Fashion Click blogger. I've wanted to be a part of the program since I first started reading Bonnie's blog and now my dream has come true! ♥

It was an absolute scorcher today and I felt like I was going to melt into the ground whilst these pictures were being taken, but I'm happy with them nonetheless and like how golden those trees are in the background. I think they complement the green in the skirt well!
P.S: Mariana (such a lovely girl!) interviewed me here, I'd love it if you went and followed her blog and check it out :) And, the amazing people at Independent Fashion bloggers featured me in their last Links a la Mode along with a few other bloggers. Definitely have a squizz at that one too, I loved reading all the articles &hearts

Have a great day!

quaint cafes and a darling friend (out & about)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

On Wednesday my sweet friend Abbey and I decided to spend the day taking in the beauty and hidden nooks and crannies in our local town. We headed out early, at precisely nine and went straight for my favourite op-shop, the 'Smiley' opshop where I picked up a few pretty trinkets (which, if you follow me on instagram, you would've seen already hehe)! After that we headed to the most charming café ever, called Husk and Honey. It's relatively new here and many have said wonderful things about the vast array of gluten and grain free menu items. We both ordered a delicious free salad with natural yoghurt, honey, macadamias and these strange (but delicious!) red berries that might have been goji berries, but I can't be sure. Then for drinks she ordered a latte and I ordered a hot chocolate. After chatting away and taking pretty pictures of our food we headed to a gorgeous new boutique next door to the cafe called My Secret Sister's Wardrobe.

Oh my gosh. It is the most precious little shop ever! The decorating is so gorgeous and the girls who run it are super friendly and let me take pictures. It was a little mixture of vintage dresses and new things and Abbey and I were finding it hard to not blow our money on the pretty frocks and shoes! As you can see from the above pictures, they've decorated it very nicely... in a fresh, quirky way. I hope to drop in again soon. It was such a lovely day out and I really missed Abbey and it was lovely to catch up with her before school starts again ♥

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I sure have, probably because I'm desperate to make the most of what's left of my holidays. Lots of love xoxo

Isn't she a pretty lady?
We even headed back there for afternoon tea! Iced chocolate, yum!

feelin' french

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
 Emerson lace and stripe top, Sass tutu skirt, Kmart platforms, gifted bracelet, Forever New belt, Australis lipstick in 'Cha-Cha'

I have been looking for the right striped top since, I don't know, the beginning of last year and finally found one. There's something really classic and chic about striped tops, reminding me of Audrey Tautou or something Alexa Chung would wear under a pinafore. This top added a classic twist to that trend though, with the lace. It's lovely and cool, perfect for Summer and was definitely hard to pass up (at $15!). I paired it with this grey tutu skirt, which needed a day out as I barely ever wear it!

Today has been relatively quiet, I watched the movie One Day and had a good cry after that (have tissues ready when watching that film) and am now re-reading the novel, as my love for it is the equivalent to The Notebook. I also made cookies and bought a new book to read for after I finish One Day. Beautiful Creatures is a book I've been wanting to read for a while now as I've heard a lot about the up and coming movie.  
I also wanted to thank you all so, so much for the amazing feedback (messages, emails, and comments) about my wardrobe post. I'm so happy to know I helped a few of you out with some tips and whatnot!! It made me so happy ♥ :) Have a fantastic day and don't forget to watch my latest OOTD video and subscribe to my youtube channel.