Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Asos skirt, Valleygirl blouse, thrifted heels, Forever New belt, 

It's all skirts and tops lately isn't it! I think I might be starting to adore this combination more than dresses. I guess it's because I can mix outfits up a lot more + it's a lot easier to deal with the simmering heat. I've been quite busy the last few days... mostly working, planning out the next few weeks on paper (time to start getting serious about saving $$) and spending time with friends and family. Abbey came over for a sleepover yesterday and this morning we woke up and made pancakes with caramel sauce (yummo!) and ate on the patio. The weather was also really wonderful for taking pictures too, so we took a few on the neighbours pretty property. I hope a cranky old man doesn't live there, because one day I know I'll get caught, haha!

Tomorrow is a busy day too, I head to straight to work bright and early, then after that I have a few appointments to get to. Oh, and wish me luck on not spending anything at the Modcloth Cabin Fever sale. I'll need it :P

Thanks for taking my pictures Abbey!


christie said...

Love this outfit - are the pieces recent purchases?? I'm going to head over to ASOS right away in search of the dreamy skirt! x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and whimsical as always MAria, and what a gorgeous photo taking spot! That skirt is so lovely, you always managed to hunt down the prettiest of things. Your friend is very pretty too and her photography is wonderful. It sounds like you've had a really fun time!
X Jane

nanawintour said...

Gorgeous outfit as always!! You always find the best locations to take photos too ♥. I am steering well clear of Modcloth too haha.

I hope your next few days are fabulous!

S xo

Unknown said...

Love the skirt and the look is very pretty!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

love the delicate pink colours of your outfit! Send a bit of heat this way would you? It's freezing in London! :D xx

Kati said...

This outfit is so adorable - no wonder you look so cute in these photos!

Have a lovely day

Jana K said...

Oh gosh, you look so lovely. I adore your whole outfit!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

the skirt is so perfect! you always look just wonderful!

lindsey louise

fashionisam said...

You look so lovely! xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit ! That skirt is dreamy.

Abbey is very pretty too ^^

Indie by heart

Unknown said...

In love with your blouse! It's gorgeous


Anonymous said...

I love the colour and shoulder shape of that top - very 1940s : )

AVY said...

Adorable, the both of you.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


Anita said...

you look gorgeous!

Katie Frank said...

when i saw these photos first time, i thought it's a dress, but it's lovely skirt <3 you look awesome <3

Unknown said...

You look so lovely!! Almost like a fairy in the forest. :) I have been itching to wear a skirt so badly these past couple of days but it has been FREEZING. Enjoy the bare legs for me!


Mica said...

Such a beautiful pastel toned outfit :)