Classy Act

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've always loved how classy and chic Taylor Swift is and how she can pull off vintage, romantic outfits without looking like a Granny. Teen Vogue has just released the August issue and I cannot wait to get it in the mail as she is the newest covergirl. In the latest edition of my favourite magazine, Taylor Swift is interviewed on her style and some of her favourite outfits. In this shoot she flaunts girly and bold makeup and vintage inspired outfits. I love how Taylor looks so effortless wearing the big earrings I see my Gran wear. I also wish Taylor was given a little more credit for her amazingly wavy locks and covergirl worthy complexion as well as her numerous musical talents. Anyway, I have been M.I.A for a few days due to hectic winter holiday mayhem.Today I went op-shopping with fellow blogger Izzy Rose, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful yet again in snagging gorgeous vintage clothes (rhyming not intended!). On the bright side, I did purchase a few good old Disney movies and a Cottingley Faerie investigation book, so I am rather content and I'm looking forward to reading it. Happy Thursday/ Friday everyone! P.s: Look at the rest of the amazing editorial here and don't forget to check out Shanesia's blog! She is new to the blogosphere and would love new visitors!

secret comfort novels and inspirational ads

Monday, June 27, 2011

I was in need of a little inspiration lately and Marc Jacobs' campaigns usually do the trick. I love how whimsical and  mysterious all of his collections are. This particular launch is my favourite in so many ways. It screams 'The Secret Garden', the magical novel written by one of my favourite authors, Frances Hodson Burnett. I know I'm not the only one who thinks his books are not only calming, but also classic and are great for when you have major writers block. The plot lines are so inspiring and can trigger other story ideas as well. Now, where were we? Ah, the Marc Jacobs campaign. The outfits in Fall 2010 are so vintage and the girls in white above look like charming characters from each novel. I have once featured a snapshot of one of the images on this blog here, but did not fully write about it. You can look at the rest of the wonderful photographs here. Now, I think I will go wrap myself up in a blanket, enjoy the winter sunlight outside on the garden swing and read about Sara Crewe's triumph or Mary Lennox's change of heart. Have a lovely Monday!
p.s: Don't forget to enter Jessica Marie's latest giveaway! You could win some wonderful John Frieda hair products!

winter wonderland

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time for a heart warming post, right now I am sitting on my bed, with the sun welcomingly streaming through the window with my laptop sitting lopsided on my floral bedspread. I'm typing this lazy blog post with a mug full of Country Cup peering every so often up at my new cork board which I decorated and hung on my wall. It's so pretty! Details Monday.

Outside the sun is shining and no clouds are in sight, although it is rather chilly so I am still in my cat pyjamas too lazy to change into day clothes. So, because I am struggling to find something to write about. I might start with my favorite things to do in Winter:
 You should always have an orange glowing nightlight with Disney princesses on it. Okay, that is totally random but I find that it is really soothing in the cooler months, or maybe that's just my own unique weirdness...
Wear bed socks! You can get the cutest possible ones from Peter Alexander online and in store. P.s: They have launched a new collection. It's so enchanting!
Today is actually the most beautiful day I have experienced in a long time. The sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the sky! Well, since I'm heading out to go shopping tomorrow (my wardrobe is in desperate need of an update) I decided to look for some quirky inspiration form weheartit. I would love a cut-out back dress, preferably floral and some girly shoes such as the ones above. I really want to make the most of Winter this year and start wearing tights with flat shoes. It's such a pretty trend and suits a lot of figures! I hope your weekend has started off as lovely and relaxing as mine! And, don't forget to enter Frankie Sunshine ah-mazing giveaway, you could win $500 to spend in her wonderful online boutique! Enter here.

romance by the sea

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Swept Away by Teen Vogue is the ideal imagination trigger. The whimsical editorial has a mysterious story to tell with romantic outfits, an isolated location and the handsome admirer. I love the beautiful dresses, delicate make-up and the way the models have been positioned. You can look at the full gallery here.

 Anyway, dearest bloggers, I'm full of remorse, I have neglected my blog for a whole five days! This is due to the fact that my life beyond the computer screen has been exceptionally crazy. Thankfully I have now finished all my assessment and can resume blogging without the guilty feeling in my stomach that I need to finish homework.
This post was originally going to be about lace itself, but I couldn't resist including the photos from Swept Away.

Also, I finally received my wonderful first issue of Teen Vogue in the mail a while ago. I devoured the issue with a cup of chicken soup while snuggled up in my bed to escape the coldest day I have ever experienced where I live! I must say though, the June/July issue was very pleasant and I recommend it to anyone. One of my favourite sections was the Shop Bop article. I think it was great that they gave the Teen Vogue interns a chance to star in their much coveted magazine. I love it!

I must flee and clean my room which has developed into a pig-sty over the past few days. So, I wish everyone well and hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! 

winter is nearly here!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I know, I know I'm not dressed in wintry attire but still. I'm super excited about Winter. You can wear trenchcoats, lovely tights, gloves, beanies and you can layer to your hearts content. Plus, it's so much easier to warm up in Winter than cool down in Summer. And, it means more HOT CHOCOLATE! My life is complete.
I am wearing a Dotti blouse, a thirfted dress I altered into a maxi skirt and my beloved Chanel bag. I quite like this look, the skirt balances out the modern vibes coming from the Chanel bag and the pretty blouse. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

how to be fabulous and frivolous

Friday, June 10, 2011
Paris, France
Ah, the weekend is here! Lets add some pizzazz shall we:
1. Go to an op-shop with a friend with a maximum of $20 to spend, pick a theme and create an exciting outfit, jump out of the change rooms and surprise each other!
2. Eat chocolate. Who cares if you are on one of those I-want-to-look-totally-hot-for-summer diets, forget it and devour a block... or two.
3. Go to the beauty therapist and get a full facial and massage. I couldn't actually afford that so I went with the homemade facial experience which is just as good!
4. Write a list of everything you want in your life. This includes; success in your career, a romance, a trip to Paris (London, Rome, America etc), or a clothing item. Pin this up somewhere where you will see it. Keep this list. If you are old and shrivelly, living in a rotten nursing home recounting your life (and peering down at your bunions), read through and check off what you did.
5. Redecorate your room and/or give it a good clean. I LOVE cleaning my room (weird, I know). It gets everything bad off my mind and makes me feel so much better.
6. Have a bubble bath. Cliche I know, but it works
like magic!
7. Snuggle up in your bed, with some (chocolate) and watch Gossip Girl or some romantic comedy and forget how terrible/boring/ordinary your life is right now and focus on the fictional characters'.
8. Write to someone. NOT by email. With a good old, lovely handwritten letter. Find some pretty stationary and pour your heart onto paper.
9. Have a girls night in with a few close friends. Hand write and personalize some cute invites, set out the beds real fancy, hire out a cheesy movie and order the pizza; it's guilt-free girl time!
10. Go down to the nearest ice-cream store and order a 3 scoop-fudge-waffle-cone-chocolate-mint-macadamia-coconut-strawberry-vanilla-sprinkle cone, go back home and sit in front of a fitness show.

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! 

P.s: As a side note, check out this adorable cotton bikinis. I'm usually not a huge fan of Summer, but these gorgeous bikinis are worth a sneak peek! I also received the lovely giveaway prize from Miss Tea's blog today. Photo's up soon, it's just lovely!

The Art of Layering

Tuesday, June 07, 2011
That's right, it most definitely is an art. I have been practicing numerous times to master layering on polyvore and looklet for the present winter months. I wanted to enhance my skills, but unfortunately I am not quite there yet. Sadly, there is a fine line between the 'lovely layered look' and the 'twice your size' look. My first go on looklet was not only pathetic, but the model looked rather massive with all those chunky knits and excessive jewelry. I have to say, I am not an ecstatic fan of Rumi Neely's blog; fashiontoast, but I can't resist commending her on the amazing talent she possesses. She is effortlessly able to pull off those bulky sweaters all the time. I'm only a a rookie in the fabulous fashion and style world, but I still wish I knew her secret. As for me, I will continue practicing...
About the photos; these are examples of perfect layering. The second photo is so pretty. It's definitely something I would feel gorgeous in. Especially with that watercolor flowy dress. The tan bag ties the outfit in together wonderfully.
The first photo is pretty, but the brown sweater just doesn't do it for me. I was thinking along the lines of a baby blue oversized sweater to give the look a 'spring-y' feel. What do you think?

All images from!