Anna Piaggi, you are amazing!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

 Di Anna Piaggi's book; Fashion Algebra, (I'm very good at this 'fashion algebra', but i wish i could say the same for my real algebra at school is truly incredible. Finding it in the immaculate fashion section in the library with all my favorite books, i noticed this one, which i had never seen or read before. I took it curiously from the shelves and turned the pages to reveal unique and ah-mazing drawings, photographs and paintings - all fashion related. I honestly can't figure out how I missed this book! It's so brilliant, I wish I had discovered it earlier. It has given me great fashion designing ideas! I have included pictures from the book that are my favorite. 
Anna Piaggi is actually like an older Lady Gaga. I have to say that Anna looks a little different but she is very talented in the 'book department'.  Her style is so very unique, and I was quite surprised by it when I had first looked her up on Google images... 

(Ok, Anna, I will get straight to the point, your make-up is terrible but I LOVE your hat )

So... unique. 

Spring fling

Monday, August 16, 2010
Dotti jacket campaign.
Dotti dress campaign.
Dotti accessory campaign
This jacket and this dress would go so well together. Add a pair of glossy black pumps and you're ready to go!

I loveeeee this dress!

With spring just around the corner, there is no limits to what the retail stores are bringing us. I have had a look at Dotti and Sportsgirl's latest arrivals and they aren't typical spring at all! Well, there's still the floral dresses (they are a MUST for spring) but everything else is so gorgeous and unique! Sportgirl has a beautiful white dress that would go fabulously with my new Dior bag, but its $100. Mum might buy it? Dotti has also got some gorgeous dresses, check these out.
(All from Dotti)

Here is a few tips for dressing in spring/ summer:

• Shades of nude and taupe are definitely in
• Maxi dresses again!
• Feminine details, like ruffles, draping, pleating and embellishments
• Wooden wedges, with denim mini shorts
• Statement pieces that draw attention (eg. the classic LBD with a bright cropped sequin jacket)
• 1950's swimwear- high waist bikini bottoms in floral pattern
• Bright pink and red lipstick!
• Simple white embroidered dresses (like the one from Sportsgirl) that are versatile and wearable for every occasion. Dress them up with a cropped jacket and heels for night, and make them casual for shopping etc. by adding tan leather sandals and a pretty bag.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(above: ahhhh, CHANEL)

Today Izzy Rose and I went shopping at the plaza. We only had an hour to do as much as possible because mum was in a rush. First we went into Myer and I tried on the most gorgeous dresses EVER. My favorite was the black and white spotted one. Unfortunately Izzy had no luck with the high-waist shorts and the top she tried on, in her words, 'Well, I looked HIDEOUS in the shorts and the shirt was HUGE'. 
Unfortunately for me I couldn't afford either of the dresses. Hopefully for Christmas? 

beautiful bag

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Today my family and I, (minus eldest sister and brother) went out to the beach, on the Esplanade for a Sunday family outing. We had the yummiest morning tea at the Coffee Club, then went shopping. Our last shop stop was the recycled clothing store, and guess what? I found a rare Christian Dior bag. It is seriously gorgeous. The prettiest pattern ever. It looked brand new. I looked inside to see if there was any logo and there was a pink leather tag sewn on inside that said:
RU 0010"
'I'm presuming it's real', the lady at the counter said, 'it's hard to tell, but it looks real and the tag inside is real leather'. I ended up buying this gorgeously, amazing bag for $24! I got it for $24 instead of $1,234. That is why I LOVE second-hand stores. 

P.s: Sorry about the picture of the logo tag, its very blurry.