Anna Piaggi, you are amazing!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

 Di Anna Piaggi's book; Fashion Algebra, (I'm very good at this 'fashion algebra', but i wish i could say the same for my real algebra at school is truly incredible. Finding it in the immaculate fashion section in the library with all my favorite books, i noticed this one, which i had never seen or read before. I took it curiously from the shelves and turned the pages to reveal unique and ah-mazing drawings, photographs and paintings - all fashion related. I honestly can't figure out how I missed this book! It's so brilliant, I wish I had discovered it earlier. It has given me great fashion designing ideas! I have included pictures from the book that are my favorite. 
Anna Piaggi is actually like an older Lady Gaga. I have to say that Anna looks a little different but she is very talented in the 'book department'.  Her style is so very unique, and I was quite surprised by it when I had first looked her up on Google images... 

(Ok, Anna, I will get straight to the point, your make-up is terrible but I LOVE your hat )

So... unique. 

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