state of art

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Brisbane QLD, Australia
An update... of sorts. It's been over a month since I last made myself present here on the blog. I keep telling myself I'm going to be consistent and post but life simply gets in the way and I find it's been weeks since I last log in to my dear corner of the internet. In the weeks since we've spoken (and when I say spoken I am referring to the conversation being completely one sided and you reading what I have to say, as opposed to hearing it... unless you know me, then you'll perhaps know all of this pointless information already), I have:

Wearing a beautiful dress I borrowed from my friend Ella - it's vintage, pink and made of floaty chiffon fabric so naturally it was perfect for photographing in the neighbour's farm (most likely trespassing... whoops).

- Watched The Murder on the Orient Express, and my, what a film! What a story! What a twist. I saw it with my brother the other night after we gorged ourselves on burgers and waffles. It was a brilliantly done film and having not known the story beforehand, the ending was a thoroughly enjoyable surprise. Would highly recommend. - Dropped my phone in the toilet.. this happened this morning actually and it was just a brilliant start to my already stressful week ahead. To be honest, I have no idea what I'll do about it. I have a car service and tyres to pay for this week so the thought of paying for repairs is nauseating but, I've been in difficult situations before and managed to get through it so I guess I'll figure something out! In the meantime, it's bathing gingerly in 500 grams of jasmine rice I miraculously had in the pantry. I was going to eat it tomorrow night with curry, but drying out my phone is a bit more of a priority than me having an exciting oriental meal. 
- I saw Khalid live a few weeks ago in Brisbane and it was AMAZING. I've been a massive fan of him and his music since he first dropped the debut album earlier this year and the concert was amazing - he is such a darling. Despite my room mates and I being completely sober, surrounded by sweaty, half-dressed bodies all night and breathing in second-hand marijuana smoke in the moshpit, it was an exciting evening that I won't forget. It never fully sinks in; the surreal feeling of seeing an artist that you've spent months listening to during your happiest and saddest moments in the flesh. 

Aside from the above highlights - not much has happened really... I'm still making coffee every day for people (and hoping that it's enough to increase their quality of life, even just for a fleeting moment), going to gym classes (I love them... I have so much more energy now!) and looking for full time work. It's pretty frustrating - job hunting, I mean. I desperately want to find a full-time position so I have more financial stability and a routine but haven't had much luck thus far. If you, reading this, have any ideas, please let me know! Email is 
Anyway, seeya for now! Hopefully it'll still be 2017 by the time I post next..ha.