the bag snatcher

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Three of my favorite bags, shown below. Also, what's good and bad about each one. 

(Sunnygirl top, Forever New denim skirt, Gucci bag) 
LIKE: This mini-bag is really cute and goes with virtually anything because of the multifunctional color. Mainly a casual, daytime bag. I also looove the fact that it has a cute little pocket/compartment inside to store spare change, tissues or your phone. 
DISLIKE: I am not sure whether it's real or fake. I'm just going to go with the 'real fake' status as it doesn't look to scruffy. And, I recommend only taking a bag out like this out when you only have little to carry as it doesn't take much to overload it. 
VERDICT: Even if I got it for $5.00 at a Recycled Clothing store, what's the harm in saying it's real? Right? 

(Forever New white dress, Christian Dior bag)
LIKE: This bag is seriously the prettiest thing ever. The design is so unique, reminding me of watercolors being splashed out over a palette. Having done a post about this bag before, I won't write too much; only that I loooooove this bag.
DISLIKE: Hmm... nothing! 
VERDICT: Goes with white the best. And yes, I do think it's a genuine! 

(Vintage mesh bag, Just Add Sugar dress)
Like: When I first got it, it was shiny, pure white and really elegant. It made casual outfits a bit more classy and the metal mesh is really in at the moment.
Dislike: It deteriorated quickly. The chains are breaking, and the outline of the mesh-metal is becoming dirtier. 
Verdict: Well, as said in the 'like' column, it can turn a casual outfit classy with the vintage look and feel. But, it does die quite quickly. I wouldn't recommend this be an 'everyday' bag. 

tulle, leather and the Top Model

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


(Rodarte for Target dress, Izzy's Mother's wedding veil, Miss Shop boots, Claire's bracelets)
Styled and Photographed by Me, and Izzy is the fab model
I spent approximately 28 hours with my bestie Izzy, and we decided to do a photo shoot. She was an excellent model, and I was the photographer and stylist. She was only a diva a little, but most of the time she was well behaved. She said that she 'had no time for this, as I have other agents waiting'. Such a Top Model. Cycle 15, to be precise. 

P.s: We were quite happy that Ann won America's Next Top Model, she is amazing! And, check out the other photos at Izzy's Blog

don't store thy statement

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alexander McQueen? With him, their is no such thing as one statement piece, his whole outfits are a statement! 

Plain cotton top, tiny purse, classic white jacket... it must be the skirt. 

The key to looking fabulous; one piece that stands out above all the rest. And don't despair if you outfit looks to 'boring'. Statement pieces can be bags, shoes, jewelry, dresses etc. and are things that give your outfits flair and make it uniquely you. I have included 3 wonderful outfits that scream each persons own individual personality

Bag, perhaps? 

dior, dior, dior

Monday, November 15, 2010

From top: My favorite perfume in the whole wide world (image courtesy of weheartit), the prettiest suit ever, 3 amazing outfits (i love the first one)


Monday, November 08, 2010

 (From top, vintage DIOR bag, skirt made by my sister, stripy Target sock, beads  from (worn as anklet) Diva, purple ribbon from Lincraft, windmill from Montville, QLD)
Express your emotions with these colorful accessories. Carnival inspired colors, beads, anklets and floral home-made skirts are perfect for the spring festival season. 

valentino, dahhling

Saturday, November 06, 2010

After waiting impatiently for about a month, i was finally taken to Brisbane, to see the last of the Valentino exhibition. No words can describe how wonderful the dresses were. It's just astounding that such simple materials can be spun into something so stunning. While my family gazed at a dress for a few minutes, then move onto the next one, I would still be at the start staring at each immaculate piece of work, admiring for every angle possible, trying to memorize the design in my head. I have vowed to myself that one day I will own a VALENTINO gown.  

Luckily for me, we arrived early, just as the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) doors were opening. After we'd finished going through the exhibition we walked through the door, to find a line  that stretched all the way out the doors, down the path and to the edge of the Brisbane River. We were just in time! 
Because it was so crowded and I was practically squished up against the walls, my purchases at the exhibition shop consisted of 4 postcards of which had the photos above on them. The blue dress is one of my absolute favorites, in white, it would be my ideal wedding dress someday. How I looooove Valentino. 

Me, in front of the big VALENTINO sign 

extreme extravagance OR low-key cuteness

Monday, October 18, 2010

(inset: Be honest, would you really wear these away from a Halloween party?) 

Not being able to design a proper outfit is quite discouraging for a teenager wanting a career in fashion. Lately my fashion designing has been hopeless. The models are disproportional and the designs, well, they aren't exactly modern. Lets just say they consist of medieval princess dresses, extravagant gowns and lace, lace, lace! I have realized that if you want a huge career in fashion, you have to design clothes that people actually want to buy. You simply can't design clothes that only appeal to you, you have broaden your horizons and design clothes that people like at that present time. 

Then again, successful labels like Romance Was Born and the late Alexander McQueen have designed clothes that are SO out there, no-one would dare wear them out in public. And, those lobster heels, Mr McQueen? Come on! As incredible and beautiful your works are, no-one is going to be parading down the street modeling those babies. 

I have come to the conclusion that if you want to have a successful career in fashion you must design clothes that people want to buy, what I'm trying to say is people won't buy clothes that are in between, either go with extreme-attention-dash-halloween-only-clothes or modern/ low key outfits that you can get away with in the street. 

©  AvenueM 2010

vintage glamour, with a touch of goofiness

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me: Billabong trench coat, Izzy's Mum's scarf Izzy: Billabong top, Rodarte skirt, Vintage earrings.

IzzyRose and I spent the weekend together at her rain-forest surrounded house, it was heaps of fun as the disruptive weather made it more interesting. Before the rain got really crazy, Izzy and I decided to do a photo shoot. It started out being 'vintage glamour', then it went to 'indy grunge', then to 'grunge-hippie', then back to vintage glamour! After about and hour trying to decide on outfits, setting, jewelry and color-scheme, we landed on two gorgeous outfits with a vintage spice. The photo-shoot was fabulous! The white lace curtain in the background, strung over a few branches added the extra 'touch' and the fabulous forest surroundings set the mood. 

It's such a pleasure being Izzy's friend, as we have so much in common, and we laugh so much together, and we have countless inside jokes. I can tell her practically everything. Sometimes in life, we meet people who laugh not only at us, but with us and one of those people in my life is Izzy. Therefore this particular post is devoted to you, my friend. :D

If you want to see more photos, visit Izzy's blog @ ViewsofNow


Friday, October 08, 2010
 photographed by Derek Henderseon, Styled by Jillian Davidson (two people with exceptional talent)

Harper's Bazaar; one of the best fashion magazines in my book, known for the knowledge in fashion, what's hot, the juicy gossip in the discussion section and... the incredible photo shoots. 
This month, the Australian issue has definitely got a fashion shoot to impress. 

stella + targé (target)

My favorite out of them all, it reminds me so much of Carrie Mulligan 

You have absolutely no idea how excited I was when i found out that British fashion designer Stella McCartney will be collaborating with Australian Target. The beautiful range of dresses, trousers, tops, jackets and accessories that she has designed will be available on October 28. 
Usually Stella's pieces would be sold for $2000, but (omg!) thanks to Target the maximum price is around $299.

Some of the clothes that will be available on October 28th

mad fashion

Monday, October 04, 2010

Various examples of the incredible clothes that the characters wear. 

It has come to my attention, that the HBO TV series, Mad Men has an incredible costume designer. Janie Bryant has dressed the characters brilliantly. None of them fail to impress the devoted individuals with Mad Fever all the globe.  The popular show, nominated for 16 Emmy awards, follows the dramatic lives of staff working for an advertising company in the 1960's. The romance, the scandals, its all there, experienced by the stylish, smart and quick-witted characters. 
The beautiful clothes shown in each entertaining episode are collections from vintage stores, costume hire and some of Janie's own designs. She pieces the delicate jackets with the retro dresses and the elegant shoes. And possesses the talent of creating incredible outfits, effortlessly.
(Janie Bryant, the wardrobe designer for Mad Men)