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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me: Billabong trench coat, Izzy's Mum's scarf Izzy: Billabong top, Rodarte skirt, Vintage earrings.

IzzyRose and I spent the weekend together at her rain-forest surrounded house, it was heaps of fun as the disruptive weather made it more interesting. Before the rain got really crazy, Izzy and I decided to do a photo shoot. It started out being 'vintage glamour', then it went to 'indy grunge', then to 'grunge-hippie', then back to vintage glamour! After about and hour trying to decide on outfits, setting, jewelry and color-scheme, we landed on two gorgeous outfits with a vintage spice. The photo-shoot was fabulous! The white lace curtain in the background, strung over a few branches added the extra 'touch' and the fabulous forest surroundings set the mood. 

It's such a pleasure being Izzy's friend, as we have so much in common, and we laugh so much together, and we have countless inside jokes. I can tell her practically everything. Sometimes in life, we meet people who laugh not only at us, but with us and one of those people in my life is Izzy. Therefore this particular post is devoted to you, my friend. :D

If you want to see more photos, visit Izzy's blog @ ViewsofNow

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Isabella said...

You are so pretty, the photo shoot looks amazing, and I love being your friend.