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Monday, October 04, 2010

Various examples of the incredible clothes that the characters wear. 

It has come to my attention, that the HBO TV series, Mad Men has an incredible costume designer. Janie Bryant has dressed the characters brilliantly. None of them fail to impress the devoted individuals with Mad Fever all the globe.  The popular show, nominated for 16 Emmy awards, follows the dramatic lives of staff working for an advertising company in the 1960's. The romance, the scandals, its all there, experienced by the stylish, smart and quick-witted characters. 
The beautiful clothes shown in each entertaining episode are collections from vintage stores, costume hire and some of Janie's own designs. She pieces the delicate jackets with the retro dresses and the elegant shoes. And possesses the talent of creating incredible outfits, effortlessly.
(Janie Bryant, the wardrobe designer for Mad Men)


ms rabbit said...

Mad Men is my favourite show - the outfits are awesome!

Maria said...

Yes, I agree, the costumes are really fabulous, there is obviously alot of work put into them :)