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Monday, October 18, 2010

(inset: Be honest, would you really wear these away from a Halloween party?) 

Not being able to design a proper outfit is quite discouraging for a teenager wanting a career in fashion. Lately my fashion designing has been hopeless. The models are disproportional and the designs, well, they aren't exactly modern. Lets just say they consist of medieval princess dresses, extravagant gowns and lace, lace, lace! I have realized that if you want a huge career in fashion, you have to design clothes that people actually want to buy. You simply can't design clothes that only appeal to you, you have broaden your horizons and design clothes that people like at that present time. 

Then again, successful labels like Romance Was Born and the late Alexander McQueen have designed clothes that are SO out there, no-one would dare wear them out in public. And, those lobster heels, Mr McQueen? Come on! As incredible and beautiful your works are, no-one is going to be parading down the street modeling those babies. 

I have come to the conclusion that if you want to have a successful career in fashion you must design clothes that people want to buy, what I'm trying to say is people won't buy clothes that are in between, either go with extreme-attention-dash-halloween-only-clothes or modern/ low key outfits that you can get away with in the street. 

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Haylee said...

Totally agree, why design pieces that people wouldn't want to buy? Its good to keep up with trends, but also designing clothes that can flatter all figures.