katy potaty's fabulous fudge!

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Hello blog friends! Introducing a new friend of mine, Katy Potaty. She has made a sinfully delicious fudge that is perfect enough to wrap up fancy for your dear Grandmother or share at a high tea. Enjoy and don't forget to enter her wonderful giveaway, you can win 12 nail polishes!

There are no words to describe the sweetness of this fudge. It's as sweet as Maria - who has allowed me to bring my culinary happiness over here. It's creamy, unlike the Crumbly Honey-Caramel fudge I made the other day (which I totally forgot to blog about, oops!), and so so smooth.
Ok, gather all these things. By all, I mean less than five ingredients. Yup, that simple!

1 can sweetened condensed milk - (hello there gorgeous, come to Katy!)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 cups white chocolate buttons
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus more for greasing the pan

**You can switch this recipe around as much as you like... change the white chocolate for milk or dark or a mixture, swap the vanilla for orange or cinnamon or mint or kahlua... mmm... throw in some chopped macadamias, whatever you like!**
Butter the bottom and sides of an 8 by 8-inch baking pan. Line the pan with a sheet of baking paper, allowing 5cm to hang over the side.
Enjoy, and do me a favour and share this with your lovely friends like Maria! For more delicious (and easy!) recipes, visit my blog


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was just after the usual style articles and daily fix of celebrity gossip on Teen Vogue and instead I was taken by huge surprise: I'm the Reader of the Day for the Snapshot blog! Oh. My. Goodness. Well, I guess that outfit's a winner after all. Hope mid-week for you has been just as fabulous! You can check out the entry here.

the blossoming of kelsey genna

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bergonia House, isn't it just beautiful?
I remember vaguely discovering Kelsey Genna's enchanting designs on a Spring-like day and wanting so badly to dance around like a crazy ballerina in the embellished tulle skirt. I discovered it again for the second time on Daydream Lily and I am in love all over again with the embellished tulle, flowery perspective and general beauty. Begonia House, her first collection was launched in March 2011 and all the gorgeous and exclusive clothes are up for sale in her precious boutique. My personal favorite outfit? Actually, I wouldn't mind having her entire store in my wardrobe, thank you.

Well, I haven't been a very consistent blogger lately and I'm sorry for that. I've been pretty busy lately. On Saturday I went on a desperately needed shopping trip and bought some essentials. I'm very pleased to say that I now have an adorable pair of cream wedges with crochet detailing. To tell you the truth though, I feel a bit like Lizzie McGuire in such platformed shoes. That was back in the day when you could get away with mixing leopard print and floral and platformed sandles were worn with calf length trousers. That makes me giggle!

I also went to see Monte Carlo yesterday. It was enjoyable and gave a morsel of hope to the girl who dreams of visiting the City of Love (or, lights?), finding love while there (with a Prince no doubt) and wearing Bvalgari jewels. All in one trip. The ideal girly film with a feel-good ending and predictable plot. Who can resist that?
Happy Monday xoxo
P.s: Above and at left is Kelsey Genna's second collection, This Old World. My favorite dress is the middle one. Simple and of course, floral. Just how I like things!
p.s: don't forget to vote for me on Style Nation, my entry is called Silk and sheer!

giveaway winner!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, firstly thanks to all the people who entered the give-away, you were fabulous! Another is definitely on its way. I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the two pretty necklaces is;

Karissa Marie from A Beautiful Mess! Congratulations and I'll be in touch!


Friday, September 23, 2011
Feeling nostalgic for Nardinoo

Introducing my new obsession; Nadinoo. The British brand has captured the hearts of many Twiggy loving, brogue-wearing, quirky styled ladies, and I am now definitely one of them. Aren't the dresses just adorable? 
I love the cute, home-made look of all the clothes and many of them look really versatile too. The dresses in the polyvore would all go well with the tan-toned brogues and bag I picked out. The ideal outfit to wear to a picnic by a lake. Don't forget to bring along an exciting novel, some raspberry jam sandwiches and a gingham print basket!

Um, completely and utterly adorable! I love the bow tying at the front of each outfit.
I actually just got back from an outing at the little forest a few minutes away from where I live. The lake is very magical and we thought naming it 'the fairy forest' was entirely appropriate. The waterfalls were really pretty despite the overall feeling of eeriness. I couldn't help but think of Joan Lindsey's haunting tale of the girls who went missing at Hanging Rock in New South Wales. The structure of the waterfall was weirdly similar to that of Hanging Rock.

Before I jet off, I just had to share the charming Etsy stores I have discovered on my quest for vintage; 
  • someUnderground Vintage. Her prices are very reasonable and she has a lovely selection of vintage that would tickle the fancy of any thrifty chick.
  • Raindrops on Rust Vintage. Her clothing looks like it was stolen from a Dolls House!
  • The Wild Bunches. My personal favorite from this store would have to be the The Lady of the Camellias Dress, who can resist a Madeleine-esque print and bows at the hips? 
I hope you find something wonderful! And, have a fabulous weekend! xx
P.s: I would love for you to vote for me on Style Nation, all you have to do is click the link below!
Style Nation

nude tones

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Since the weather has actually gotten cooler the last two days, I felt this outfit was completely appropriate for the arrival of Spring. May I also mention that Sensuous by Estee Lauder is very nice. A little heavy for my taste, but still nice. Anyway, I can't get enough of these Miu Miu heels! Aren't they just too spectacular for words? They go really nicely with these nude tones and I love that cameo necklace. In fact, while making this collage I was tempted to put it on my Christmas List (I have started one already, thank you very much). 

Yesterday was very nice, I watched some good ol' Disney classics (Peter Pan, The Aristocats, Beauty and the Beast etc) and made the most scrumdidlyumptuous raspberry and white chocolate muffins in the world. The recipe was from Katy Potaty: Cupcake Lady, an adorable blog that (along with a lovely author) shares the most delicious muffins ever! Happy Thursday!
p.s: I got an overwhelming response to my last post! Thank you all so much for the kindness! And, you only have two more days to enter the super cute giveaway I'm holding so get in quick!

My first feature!

Hello again for today, bloggers! I'm guest posting over at Katy Potaty, check it out (and don't forget to look at her cupcake recipes, they are to die for!) xoxo

hobbies, waterfalls and silk dresses

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cotton On top, thrifted dress/skirt, gifted hat, Equip pocket watch necklace. 
The past few days have gone by so quickly, I've been spending most of them enjoying hobbies while my Mum was away in Darwin. We also went to the library on Saturday (favourite place), and I borrowed out a few Vogues, some Nancy Drew mysteries (who can resist a mishap in River Heights?) and some ballet encyclopaedias. I love reading about the different ballets and the various costumes! I've also been browsing esty, ebay and amazon like crazy for vintage treasures. I'm looking for a pretty cameo necklace, a nice full-skirted dress and perhaps an Mulberry Alexa-lookalike as I mentioned in my last post.

And, I can't believe how hot it has gotten here, Summer has obviously come early in Australia (why am I not surprised?). We're going to 'the fairy forest' later this week to swim at the waterfall. It's so lovely, the little lake is hidden inside a forest near where we live. I will most definitely be taking photos, it's too pretty not to share!

I love this outfit combination. The silk skirt was originally a dress with flutter sleeves, but I experimented and hacked the top off! It worked out perfectly, contrasting with this sheer top.
And how do you like the changes I made to Avenue M? It's a little more welcoming now that readers are not bombarded with an unnatural amount of pink floral. I hope you have a happy Monday and there's still time to enter the give away!
Lots of love, 
p.s: Fashion Thrill is having a giveaway to celebrate her achievement of 300 followers! You can enter here.

things for spring

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I would like to wear this Spring...

Definitely something with a cute, Mulberry vibe. I'm thinking an Alexa-lookalike (because I can't afford the real thing), a full-skirted dress with voluptuous flair and a bright midi-skirt that slightly resembles Frida's. I'm also drawn to this Mulberry collection too (Resort 2012), I'm not entirely sure why, because all their collections are adorable. Maybe it's because of that metallic pink dress or those bright pumps that remind me of Louis Vuitton.
Street style is also a great way to find inspiration if you're not sure what you want to wear. I rely on Stockholm Street style daily to post up the cutest, (mostly) wearable outfits. Usually, models are caught off duty wearing some feature-worthy outfits. My favorite is Frida Gustavsson. She never fails to look stunning off and on the runway.
Back onto the sartorial side of things; I also want to wear a blouse over a skirt pulled together with a simple, skinny belt at the waist. Cute! Usually I steer clear of belts, but I think it's high time I gave them a go. The combination looks really effortless and chic and suits a lot of body shapes.
I also desperately want a pair of clogs. They are so cute and girly. Many wonderful bloggers I know have snapped them up, later posting about how comfy they are. Anyone have any fabulous brands to recommend?
p.s: You can still enter the giveaway here and I made a few changes to my blog, I was in need of something fresh and less 'pink', what do you think? Any suggestions? xx

hello, summer!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ok, so technically it's not Summer yet, but it sure feels like it! The weather has been simply irresistible lately with perfect blue skies forecasted for the rest of the week -- best way to start off my holidays! Hopefully these holidays I'll be able to do an outfit post with my new S/S wardrobe updates, experiment with some pretty make-up and my blog posts in general will be a bit more interesting! I'm officially able to relax and unwind for two weeks. It's going to be pure bliss as I have so many things I want to do. Like; go to the beach and get some colour and vitamin d into my blindingly white skin; wear my floral swimsuit (I barely got to wear it last Summer!) shown here and drink lots and lots of ice tea (new favourite) whilst reading the October issues of the latest fashion magazines. And, reading about other bloggers and their adventures at NYFW! I've been totally in love with the style showcased this year.

Onto the images featuring English stunner, Lily Donaldson. These Summery pictures were just too lovely to not post. Don't they make you want to jump into a pool, swim on your back in the ocean or just lie around and sunbake? Anyway, before I ramble even further, don't forget to enter my giveaway (I've also pushed the closing date back to the 25th of September, so get in quick!) and happy almost-weekend!

fabulous things to do + GIVEAWAY (now closed)

Monday, September 12, 2011

My holidays are coming up and I'm giddy with excitement. This is just a list of fun things to do or just make you feel good (and also a fabulous giveaway to excite you even more!):
1. Attempt to take 'streetsyle' inspired photos, even if you don't get the most stylish Alexa Chung-worthy people, it's still fun to look out for cute outfits and pretend to be all 'Satorialist'.
2. Write a letter to an old auntie or a grandma, getting letters back in the mail is the best part and think how happy they'll be to receive a letter other than superannuation updates!
3. Have a sleepover with an older sister or a best friend. Nothing can top a girls night in with a bunch of DVD's and some delicious food.
5. Grab a cookbook and find an exotic, fun recipe to attempt. I'm suggesting something fabulous that's out of your usual comfort zone. Make a list and head to the nearest grocery store and buy the essentials. Good luck!
6. Play dress-up. Raid the wardrobes in your house and create the coolest/ funkiest/ niftiest outfit ever! (Sorry for the use of lame words)
7. Create an exercise plan. I will be honest, I HATE sport (except dancing) but taking up running or pilates or yoga can make you feel invigorated and release endorphins that make you feel really happy.
8. Plan a dream holiday! Detail the itinerary down to the last cafe. I know where I'd be going...(Paris!)
9. Enter the giveaway to win these gorgeous necklaces, they are so lovely!

Well, this giveaway is incredibly overdue, I owe so much to the wonderful people that comment without fail on my posts. You're all so awesome! I have been sponsored by the lovely Belen Bohemista, she has sent me the most beautiful necklaces from her store/etsy and I couldn't be more happy to give them away to one of you lovely followers! The winner will receive the above necklaces in a beautifully gift wrapped package. All you have to do to enter;
1. Be a follower of Avenue M with Google Friend Connect.
2. Like Bohemismo on Facebook here.
3. Leave a comment with your email, so I can contact you if you win!
Good luck and the giveaway with close on the 25th of September. The giveaway is open internationally, so anyone can enter! Have a marvellous week and tell your friends -- the more the merrier!

lady luck

Friday, September 09, 2011

Lily Collins for the October issue of Teen Vogue just blew me away. I love the 'royal' inspired outfits and luxe look. The stylists captured my latest fetish for knits and dresses perfectly! I was out shopping a while ago and tried on a purple pleated dress and the lovely assistant suggested I wear a light white knit over the top. It looked fabulous! From that day on, I've totally been in love with that quirky look. Lily pulls it off wonderfully in the shoot. Oh, how I wish I had a waffle Isabel Marant sweater!
And p.s, sorry for the quietness about this blog, school and this week in general has been really hectic -- I'm surprised I made it out unscathed! Assignments and exams have been bombarded my direction resulting in late night crawls to finish homework and study. Weariness is so not fun!
So excited for the holidays though, I've only got one week to go before I can enjoy this pretty Spring weather.
How has your week been? Hope all those lucky bloggers out there are having fun at NYFW! Hopefully one day I will be sitting in the front row of the Dior Show, documenting the clothes, shoes and general amazing-ness.
Well, I'm off to relax and enjoy a triple chocolate muffin in front of some good ol' Lizzie McQuire re-runs. Happy Friday!
P.s: Thanks for all the amazing comments lately, it's so motivating to get all those kind words! Have a marvelous weekend! Follow me on Tumblr, I'm new!

inspired in september

Tuesday, September 06, 2011
The new Modcloth collection/ lookbook! Such quirkiness and pretty outfits. You can't get any cuter than those coloured tights and brogues! 

Playing around with colours. I love how beautifully this top sits over those sparkly trousers. Perfection!

Retro suits -- soo ready for Summer. 
Sorry about the delay in posting! I've been busily working on an English essay and I'm finally finished! Hope you enjoy these snippets of inspiration wherever you may be. This week has started off rather ordinary with a maths exam first thing. Ballet was an upside however as my posé turns are getting better. I'll also be getting ballet shoes soon! It's all very exciting. I still can't get over the fact that I am actually enjoying a sport! Have a marvellous week! 

orla and weekend bliss

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I have just discovered the loveliest clothing brand: Orla Kiely. I love the simply cut clothes and Marc Jacob-sy ad campaigns. The latest, featuring Australian supermodel, Codie Young are simply gorgeous. On location in a zoo, Codie models the cute outfits effortlessly. Unfortunately for me, a girl who has a constant desire to shop, I can't afford anything Orla as the average dress is in the $600 price range. Oh well, a girl can only dream...

It has been a delightful Saturday so far, awakening to warm sunlight blazing through my window. I guess it also lifted my mood having such a glorious breakfast; yoghurt, muesli and fruit can put a smile on any girls face. Then I headed off to my sewing lesson, I'm so close now to finishing the overnight bag, the floral pattern is an instant 'Spring is here' reminder. Not that I need it..obviously due to my excessive warm weather excitement.

I'm also super excited about the start of New York Fashion Week, new collections = happy bloggers. Can't wait to see what the designers have lined up for Fall in the US this year. Enjoy your weekend!

the oh-so lovely selena and spring

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Yay! It's finally Spring here in Australia and I can happily say the weather has been just beautiful, improving since my dreary post about rain, rain rain. And also, happy fall for the lovely people in the northern hemisphere! Enjoy the Winter goodness that is coming your way! As for me, I'm planning to take advantage of this fabulous vitamin D to improve my somewhat white complexion. More sun means pretty sundresses, floral collections, beach trips, ice-cream and lazy days reading magazines and sipping ice tea. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

I'm also finally getting over the dreadful flu and to lift my spirits I did a pre-Spring clean a few days ago -- I can't believe how much junk has harbored in my room the last few months! Oh well, a lot of it is now on its way to the Salvation Army; as they say, another persons' junk is anothers' treasure.

And onto the lovely snapshots of Selena Gomez. I absolutely love this editorial for Elle Mexico. She looks so classy and grow-up, ready to pursue her career in acting and singing. I particularly like the first shot, with those gorgeous flare pink trousers, she makes it look so easy to pull off! I, on the other hand, have attempted flare pants in a chain store before and they aren't the easiest fashion trend to follow. Well, enjoy the weather (wherever you happen to be reading this) as I am off to tackle another assignment along with some fruit salad. Happy Thursday!