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Friday, September 09, 2011

Lily Collins for the October issue of Teen Vogue just blew me away. I love the 'royal' inspired outfits and luxe look. The stylists captured my latest fetish for knits and dresses perfectly! I was out shopping a while ago and tried on a purple pleated dress and the lovely assistant suggested I wear a light white knit over the top. It looked fabulous! From that day on, I've totally been in love with that quirky look. Lily pulls it off wonderfully in the shoot. Oh, how I wish I had a waffle Isabel Marant sweater!
And p.s, sorry for the quietness about this blog, school and this week in general has been really hectic -- I'm surprised I made it out unscathed! Assignments and exams have been bombarded my direction resulting in late night crawls to finish homework and study. Weariness is so not fun!
So excited for the holidays though, I've only got one week to go before I can enjoy this pretty Spring weather.
How has your week been? Hope all those lucky bloggers out there are having fun at NYFW! Hopefully one day I will be sitting in the front row of the Dior Show, documenting the clothes, shoes and general amazing-ness.
Well, I'm off to relax and enjoy a triple chocolate muffin in front of some good ol' Lizzie McQuire re-runs. Happy Friday!
P.s: Thanks for all the amazing comments lately, it's so motivating to get all those kind words! Have a marvelous weekend! Follow me on Tumblr, I'm new!


Grace said...

Ooh amazing!
The first pic is beautiful!

I V Y said...

so beautiful! she is stunning!

xo zebra and meerkat

The Clothes Maiden said...

I love the first pic, she is gorgeous!!

Maria Elyse said...

Aaahhh, that photo shoot is just lovely. I also really love layering sweaters over's fun, yet sophisticated. :)

Someday I'll be at NYFW too! Someday... ♥

Yes! Lizzie McGuire! Hahaha, that show was the best. :)

Desirae said...

Everything she has on is so beautiful! Especially the first one! Ahh, so pretty! And I used to love Lizzy McGuire! hahah I think I heard Hilary Duff is having a baby. It's hard to think of her being old enough, because in my mind she is always the age she was on the Disney Channel haha!

Maria Bastida said...

amazing pictures :D

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I love this shoot, especially the last picture you posted. I love the look of a sweater and dress, you have great style.

Rania Kelesidou said...

Great photoshoot,the first photo is stunning!

The Vogue Advisor said...

Nice blog!
<3 <3 <3
The Vogue Advisor

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Squared said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog!
I really like yours, so I'm definitely following!

keep coming back :)

Alison said...

these are gorgeous photos! I totally agree, I love the style of layering more casual knits over fancier pieces. have fun with your muffin and tv, sounds like a perfect afternoon to me :)

<3 Alison

Tal said...

this shoot is gorgeous!


Inhale | Fashion and Beauty said...

She's beautiful love her bold & dark brows! great blog thanks for sharing :D

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VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

Stunning! She looks elegant up that tree - I'd be looking terrified and asking to get down!

Belle Armed said...

such a cute and adorable editorial.


Gaby de Modacapital said...

I love all the photos!!

Karla said...

i love these pictures!