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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cotton On top, thrifted dress/skirt, gifted hat, Equip pocket watch necklace. 
The past few days have gone by so quickly, I've been spending most of them enjoying hobbies while my Mum was away in Darwin. We also went to the library on Saturday (favourite place), and I borrowed out a few Vogues, some Nancy Drew mysteries (who can resist a mishap in River Heights?) and some ballet encyclopaedias. I love reading about the different ballets and the various costumes! I've also been browsing esty, ebay and amazon like crazy for vintage treasures. I'm looking for a pretty cameo necklace, a nice full-skirted dress and perhaps an Mulberry Alexa-lookalike as I mentioned in my last post.

And, I can't believe how hot it has gotten here, Summer has obviously come early in Australia (why am I not surprised?). We're going to 'the fairy forest' later this week to swim at the waterfall. It's so lovely, the little lake is hidden inside a forest near where we live. I will most definitely be taking photos, it's too pretty not to share!

I love this outfit combination. The silk skirt was originally a dress with flutter sleeves, but I experimented and hacked the top off! It worked out perfectly, contrasting with this sheer top.
And how do you like the changes I made to Avenue M? It's a little more welcoming now that readers are not bombarded with an unnatural amount of pink floral. I hope you have a happy Monday and there's still time to enter the give away!
Lots of love, 
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Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog. I hope you can check out mine soon.


Maria Elyse said...

Your skirt is so pretty! I love it! And your hat is so classic and perfectly summer-y, too. Summer is completely gone where I live (the Northern US) and I kind of miss summer, though autumn is most welcome anyhow.

I got your comment about guest posting! I would absolutely LOVE to guest post for you sometime! ♥ Just email me at flyingshipsvintage[at]gmail[dot]com whenever to give me details, etc.

Maria Elyse

Clara Turbay said...

Thanks, ok now i am following you.


Ahka Vintage said...

Nancy Drew?? So good she's still around - I think I read every single Nancy Drew book out there - that and Trixie Belden (now I'm showing my age!) So glad summer is here though hey?
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

james said...

aw, this is very pretty! i especially love your hat!


Velvet Bloom said...

loved your combination

augustalolita said...

lovely outfit and photos!! i adore your hat and blouse <3

SusuanaLove said...

Sound like youre having a lovely time
great photos


ps said...

what a cute and innocent look,love :))


lapetiteblonde said...

love your look!=)
nice blog!


Michelle's Style File said...

I used to LOVE Nancy Drew!! I should look up her books again : )


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I adore your blouse! <3 The pintuck detail is gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze

Unknown said...

this summer look is so sweet :)

This Charming Style said...

Really gorgeous look! I love both the blouse and skirt xx

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LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

Such a cute outfit! Love your blog! Following you. Follow me back so we can stay in touch.
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MissKait said...

love the outfit, love the blog, and love this post.
you are so cute!

come visit!
xo kait

Daria said...

You look adorable! And love the colour combo :)



I adore your top and watch necklace! you're so pretty, I love your face.

By the way, I really like your style, it's so nice for eyes and Iam really happy that I found your blog!and I just wonder.. if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader

with love,

marysia-k said...

Grate !


Marie said...

Love this look! I love that you too experiment with your clothes and hacked off the top of your dress - I do that stuff all the time :) I say it works out 80% of the time but there are some that just can't be saved.

Dirty Pink Cardigan


Unknown said...

hiiiiiiiiii beautiful! i fell in love with your header!!!!

itssss amazing! really!
nice blog babe, do you wanna check out mine?^^


xoxo dear! :)

Annabel said...

this is seriously an amazing outfit, I love your style! The hat is an amazing accessory :)


Wida said...

That thrifted skirt is so lovely on you :)

June Lee said...

Love your look!

Enjoyed reading your blog..

Lovely <3



omg your blog is soooooo pretty and cute!!!!!

i love these photos and this outfit! haha i have that exact same clock necklace! you have excellent taste ;) haha!



HollyLou said...

ooh girly that hat is so cute! your day sounds so dreamy! X


I V Y said...

such a gorgeous top!

xo zebra and meerkat

samecookiesdifferent said...

you look great, love your blog...great photos :D
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3

Julie Ann Lozada said...

so beautiful, i love your top! nice post!

i'm inviting you to my first ever giveaway
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Cherie said...

you look so sweet and ever so lovely! and browsing through your other posts, i just love the images. thanks for the follow, im following back as well, cheers!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! : ) Love your top.

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Jul said...

You look beautiful, dear! I love the hat and the necklace and that top is so cute! Thanks for your darling comment :)


Unknown said...

babeeeee okey lets follow each other^^

im following you now! :)

nice toppppppppp!


xoxo dear!! :)

AS said...

etsy is my addiction - fall is coming here in ny and i already have a cold im so longing for summer xx

Anonymous said...

That's an absolutely beautiful skirt on you, and you look fantastic! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3


Claudia Paola said...

I just love how the tiered-frill blouse looks with the flowy skirt; it's such a natural combination of textures. And Avenue M looks adorable!! This sweet wallpaper makes me feel like I'm sitting down to a cup of tea to chat about pretty things. x

Maria said...

Wow, thank you everyone! So so lovely to here your compliments :)

Anonymous said...

you look so cute, love the hat! : )

also very jealous of you going into summer soon... sigh, autumn has reared its head up north i'm afraid! ;)

B xx


Chyrel Gomez said...

I love the details of your shirt. :)