Friday, September 23, 2011
Feeling nostalgic for Nardinoo

Introducing my new obsession; Nadinoo. The British brand has captured the hearts of many Twiggy loving, brogue-wearing, quirky styled ladies, and I am now definitely one of them. Aren't the dresses just adorable? 
I love the cute, home-made look of all the clothes and many of them look really versatile too. The dresses in the polyvore would all go well with the tan-toned brogues and bag I picked out. The ideal outfit to wear to a picnic by a lake. Don't forget to bring along an exciting novel, some raspberry jam sandwiches and a gingham print basket!

Um, completely and utterly adorable! I love the bow tying at the front of each outfit.
I actually just got back from an outing at the little forest a few minutes away from where I live. The lake is very magical and we thought naming it 'the fairy forest' was entirely appropriate. The waterfalls were really pretty despite the overall feeling of eeriness. I couldn't help but think of Joan Lindsey's haunting tale of the girls who went missing at Hanging Rock in New South Wales. The structure of the waterfall was weirdly similar to that of Hanging Rock.

Before I jet off, I just had to share the charming Etsy stores I have discovered on my quest for vintage; 
  • someUnderground Vintage. Her prices are very reasonable and she has a lovely selection of vintage that would tickle the fancy of any thrifty chick.
  • Raindrops on Rust Vintage. Her clothing looks like it was stolen from a Dolls House!
  • The Wild Bunches. My personal favorite from this store would have to be the The Lady of the Camellias Dress, who can resist a Madeleine-esque print and bows at the hips? 
I hope you find something wonderful! And, have a fabulous weekend! xx
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Kim L said...

The floral prints are too cute! :)

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend too.

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Lippylash said...

Didn't know this brand but I love it!!!! It really has a twiggy feel to it!!

Chyrel Gomez said...

If only I can ransack the store and transfer those clothes in my own closet.

Clara Turbay said...

So boho!

Natasha - Style Du Jour said...

Beautiful prints!

Desirae said...

These dresses are beyond adorable!!!!!!! And the forest sounds so beautiful! Waterfalls and everything?! I die!

Natalie Leung said...

oh wow, beautiful skirt! that pale yellow one is nice!


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Hi! Your blog is really cool, I like it!! Love floral prints!
Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

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Amber said...

I've heard of them and I really love their vibe. Such lovely pieces! Sounds like you had a fun outing! Did you take any photos?

Unknown said...

Thanks for introducing us to a really great store! I love thesed vintage inspired pieces. The brogues are definitely my faves :)

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Isabella said...

Lovely post, peasant!
These clothes are so nice... totally up our allies. You would look amazing in the blue short-sleeved dress/tunic in the first picture. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! X

Claudia Paola said...

I've heard of this brand!! I love the whole vibe, it's so warm and sweet. I am always attracted to clothes that can inspire an entire lifestyle, they're so much fun. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely vintage kind of style!

You have such a lovely blog!
Following you at bloglovin !

Xoxo from Japan!

Marise said...

You have such a darling blog my dear. All of those Nardinoo clothes are more than perfect!

I'm following you :)

Yuma said...

A dress and the style of 60's are wonderful!I love them♥

Laura said...

I love the dress on the bottom right! I have voted for you in the Style Nation :)


Belén Arauz said...

I love Nadinoo.
And I love your collage too! :)

Spencer. said...

Adorable polyvore, gota love the brogues and floral dress combo.