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Monday, July 30, 2012

(Forever New dress, Wolf Cub headpiece, thrifted belt & shoes)

This little field is my new favourite place. The hazy, filtered sunlight is picture perfect -- I feel like I'm living in a dream. Right on the banks of the river up ahead is a shady tree that is perfect for nestling under with a good book. The branches provide just the right amount of shade to cover everything but your toes. After reading this post by Lauren, I felt more inspired to try out new places for outfit pictures. And, I really love this one!
I think everyone needs a place like this... a secluded location for thinking, reading and relaxing. Why not make it your mission this week to find yours?
This Wolf Cub rose crown was a gift I received earlier this year and it has been a precious part of my wardrobe for a while now. I hang it over my bed for catching dreams and loved wearing it for these photos. It adds a certain touch of whimsy, romance and femininity to any outfit and the roses are so beautifully crafted ♥ 

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dreamy sun haze

Friday, July 27, 2012
(Target hat & shoes, Caroline Mitchell dress, Valleygirl sweater, Forever New belt)

This week has been busy, but I’ve loved it. I started my first proper shift at work on Monday and I am pleased to say that it went wonderfully. I love being treated like an adult, making friends with new people, earning my own income and interacting with customers! I just feel so happy about it all! I feel like my life is going somewhere now and I can start making goals for when I leave school! 

I was quite pleased with how these photos turned out… the afternoon sun was simply too hard to resist so I thought it would be perfect for taking outfit pictures. I was quite warm and snug inside this sweater and really liked how the colour went with the gorgeous coral of the dress.
Winter is my favourite season by far; nothing pleases my senses more than curling up in a blanket with a hot tea and a good book (at the moment I’m reading The Road to Yesterday by L.M Montgomery). I hope you are all doing well, tomorrow I'm going to yet another tennis lesson (yippee!) followed by the completion of a few bits and bobs for school. ♥ 

diary II

Sunday, July 22, 2012
This is a little collection of photos I took over the last holidays... It was full of green lawns, sunshine, surprise packages in the mail, cookbook reading, organizing precious things and trips to local cafes and the windy beach. It makes me happy looking at how beautiful these photos and places are. The nostalgia is so pleasant, especially when I'm not having the best of days...

Gorgeous roses complete this charm bracelet. 

The gorgeous array of macarons at a local cafe. I know I have featured this photo before but I just love the look of macarons! Whenever I buy one I always feel slightly reluctant to eat it because it's so pretty. I sound silly! 

The Retro Cookbook by The Women's Weekly is beautiful. I borrowed this edition out from the library and instantly fell in the love with the gorgeous layout and recipes that depict the 'olden days' so well.

I'm a little obsessed with Izzy's pointe shoes! The last time I went over her house and fiddled with her camera, I draped them in tulle. I can't help it! They are so beautiful. It's wierd to think how much pain they cause ballet dancers. 

Rosey (my eldest sister) stirring her luxurious french coffee... and eyeing off a divine lemon tart for the side! 

I'm actually not a huge 'beach person'... I don't like sand or salty water (how depressing) but the day I did go to walk along the board walk it was looking more stunning then ever. The water was a vibrant blue, the sky 100% cloudless. 

This little keepsake box is where I store most of my stationery. It's quite large and fits perfectly in the shelf of my bedside table so I can easily reach it whenever I need to write a letter. 

latest discovery: abbey road collection

Friday, July 20, 2012

I stumbled upon Kling late last year and was instantly drawn to the dream photography and cute clothes. Their newest collection titled Abbey Road screams the 1960's! I love the model's voluminous hair, simplistic makeup and A-line dress silhouettes. I think my favourite picture is the last one of her walking briskly across the road... it reminds me of WishWishWish!

In other news, I finally got my laptop back after it was dropped from a height and half of the battery was... smashed. I've been using a spare for the last few weeks. I'm so happy to have it back now because it has photoshop and I can finally experiment further :) I made a few collages with these photos and added a really pretty font (called Contribute, download it here). I think adding text to photos makes a huge difference ♥ 

What are your plans for the weekend? I plan on having a quiet night tonight (what else is new?) and get a good night's sleep... I have another tennis lesson tomorrow, yippee! xx

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little place

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I can't believe I still haven't shown you guys my room yet... I guess part of me wanted to save it for when I bought a DSLR but I really liked how these photos turned out so I thought today would be perfect. This is my room (well, one side of it). It's small, cosy, charming and perfect. It's probably my favourite place in the world. It's always there... full of precious things, quiet time for reading, writing and prayers, getting dressed up and being happy and sad. Every night I have a hot chamomile tea with honey and sit it on my bedside table, pull out my diary and write about the good and bad happenings of the day. Lately, I've also improved my relationship with God. I've begun to pray every night like I used to and I'm already seeing a difference in my life. I feel supported and not as helpless. As if my problems can truly be solved in the end.

I've also been going through old letters from pen pals, school friends and my Mum. It's the best way to reminisce; reliving old memories and such.
I hope you have a nice week...
P.S: This song is wonderful...

things I love // vines, strawberries, dresses

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Dior details... pink, sparkly and adorned with lace? Check. 

Waffles with strawberries and cream... any occasion is the occasion for these!

Gorgeous and vibrant accessories at a San Antonio wedding. Photographed by Bend the Light

I don't think anything could be more magical then white, vintage inspired apartments covered in purple flowered vines. Wouldn't it be nice to walk past this every day after work? 

 Little origami dresses! Wouldn't they look cute strung up across a bedroom ceiling for a pretty themed decoration? I'm unsure of the source of this picture, but I did look up another tutorial on how to make dresses just like these. You can find it here

Stamped shortbread! A few easy hints here.

A few of my favourite songs too:
Lies by Marina and the Diamonds
Dream a Little Dream of Me by Mama Cass
Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds
Little Talks by Monsters and Men

I returned from a school retreat yesterday with weary eyes but feeling overall content. We stayed overnight at a local lodge for a relaxing escape from reality... I felt like I was away for ages though! I guess that just proves how addicted I am to the internet though, hehe. Anyway, I was really excited because I was featured on the Modcloth blog for wearing my vintage dress! I submitted my photo, not expecting it to be published, and it was! Woohoo! 
I also did a little 'Wishlist Wednesday' guest post for Katie today. Take a look! :) 


Sunday, July 08, 2012
(Just a few miscellaneous photos from an old album) 

Hello everyone! I feel like I haven't updated in ages! So much has happened lately that I feel as though the days have slipped through my fingers -- completely dazed and unaware. I recently landed my first ever job, though! It's very exciting for me because I can now rely on my own income and build my independence. It also means I'll be able to achieve my goal of saving for a DSLR camera. Woohoo! My first shift is this week and I'm quite excited... it's going to be a great chance to meet new friends from other areas ♥ What was your first job like?
I also watched My Week with Marilyn today. I loved it. It was just so flawlessly done and it gave a covert peak into Marilyn's distorted off-camera life. She was such a mysterious soul... there was so much hidden behind her blonde curls and blue eyes.
Also, I'll be taking a mini-hiatus for the next week. I'm starting back at school again, and as well as work, I'm really not sure how much time I'll be able to dedicate to blogging. I'll be back soon! xx

life through the lens #2

Wednesday, July 04, 2012
 1. Cake pops & colourful cupcakes from a baby shower 2. Cute pens and a pretty notebook. Perfect for making lists and such. 

 3. The endless macaron selection at the local French bakery. I went with the lavender and rose water flavours. It was quite interesting... but I think I prefer the raspberry flavour overall! 4. Blue sparkly nails -- entirely appropriate for winter holidays. 

 5. Mimco headband and a floppy bun! 6. My make-up was a little bit different yesterday. I've been experimenting with a Revlon lip liner and colour in 'Rose'. I like it so far!

7 & 8. Two gorgeous little packages from international friends ♥ 

You can follow me on instagram via @avenuemaria 

P.S: Lily from A Ride Home interviewed me on her blog, have a peak!

latest discovery: luisa beccaria's spring details

Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Art, nature, movies, and the street at times - anything that speaks about beauty is a great source of inspiration to me" - Luisa Beccaria on her fashion line

Little flowered embellishments, lace and crochet mary-jane heels, floating skirts, ruffled hems and romantic florals are the threads that bind together Luisa's Spring 2012 collection. I wish I could have been present at the opening of this show... although I don't think I would've been able to contain my excitement! It's nothing short of a dream collection, no? 

 All images via Style Bistro