life through the lens #2

Wednesday, July 04, 2012
 1. Cake pops & colourful cupcakes from a baby shower 2. Cute pens and a pretty notebook. Perfect for making lists and such. 

 3. The endless macaron selection at the local French bakery. I went with the lavender and rose water flavours. It was quite interesting... but I think I prefer the raspberry flavour overall! 4. Blue sparkly nails -- entirely appropriate for winter holidays. 

 5. Mimco headband and a floppy bun! 6. My make-up was a little bit different yesterday. I've been experimenting with a Revlon lip liner and colour in 'Rose'. I like it so far!

7 & 8. Two gorgeous little packages from international friends ♥ 

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P.S: Lily from A Ride Home interviewed me on her blog, have a peak!


Soph. said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Xox Soph

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, I adore your sparkly blue nailpolish. Anything with glitter makes me happy! The macarons look delicious to, I'm going to try to make them tomorrow! I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays.
X Jane

Evamaria said...

Hi! I just found your blog and it's gorgeous. BEautiful pictures and lovely style.

I followed you via Bloglovin. I'd be so happy if you checked my blog and possibly follow it.


Simona said...

Amazing photos and cute pieces Maria!:)

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Such pretty photos, love the look of the packages you lucky lady! The macaroons look delicious, I'm a big fan of raspberry flavour too! xx

Georgia said...

What a lovely selection of photos!! I am in love with that headband/bun!!

Jessica said...

love all the sweet cute things in these pictures! and the nails are so pretty


Jana K said...

Maria, you are so beautiful.

That cake pop looks really yummy!!


Emily said...

Your photos are so pretty! I'm so sorry for all the notifications on Instagram that you get from me, I can't help but like your photos, I just love them I guess, haha:)

And your nails are just so cute! But believe me, its never to early for winter holidays! I had Jingle Bells stuck in my head today haha:)


Buzz said...

Love it!


SomeoneLikeYou said...

I know I'm just an outsider looking in,but it truly does seem that you have the loveliest little life filled with all things pretty...I am seriously SO jealous! x

Zoé said...

Some very pretty pictures! :)

Semeeah said...

Hi Maria!
I love your photos!You have a beautiful blog here.I am wondering i am going to make a new blog and I wanted to know you customize your blog like that?Also,i have sent you a email asking to be penpals and you can read my message.

Kailey said...

I always love looking at your instagram pictures Maria, you have such a wonderful eye for color and details!

Also, thank you so so much for voting for me in ModCloth's contest, I so appreciate it!! <3 <3

Marise said...

Those are really beautiful photos Maria! Your life looks likes a fairytale!

Anonymous said...

That lip colour suits you beautifully pretty lady! and I wish I could grab that cake from out of the pc screen!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous selection of photos, I especially love the first couple. They might have given me a little bit of food envy, too!
Mel x

claire said...

i love these photos - so dreamy! and STOP IT if i could do an exchange with you i would 100% haha that would be super fun! Is Cairns in Queensland? If it is then, I really like Queensland! hahahha warm winters (at least compared to where i live) <3

Anna said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while, its still as beautiful as ever!
Is one of your international friends a New Zealander? I recognize the socks and magazinr :)
I cant wait to see future posts!
I am now following.