Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi, hello, bonjour, hola! And all of those varying linguistic greetings! It's been well over a month since the last update here and a lot has happened in the space of approx. thirty days. Not really sure where to start, except perhaps an overdue thank you for the response to the previous post in which I did open up quite a bit. I was really glad I published that in the end because I think it is important to emphasise how much an internet persona can differ from what is actually presented in real life. That being said, it's still me! :) Just one side! As for a life update, in a nutshell, things have been busy. I'm pretty keen to finish my first year of university (my stress levels reached an all time high last week and I turned into a ferocious, wild animal... a Savage). I also managed to get myself a job, FINALLY! It's awesome being financially stable again, there's something incredibly liberating about being able to pay bills with money that you've acquired at your own accord, as opposed to what the government gives you. I'm also going to Sydney in a few weeks for a ball, and to visit my brother and some friends. It'll be my first time outside of Queensland so I'm only like, a tiny bit excited.  

Anyway, today I decided to share with ya'll some NEXT LEV amazing tunes that have been keeping my musically inclined self amused lately. You'll notice there's quite a few songs from The Rubens' new album, Hoops, which has been on repeat lately. I love everything about their new music, it's very fresh and unique; two favourites include Hoops (obviously!) and Hallelujah. This mix of music is very eclectic and I guarantee that you'll like at least three songs. Actually, make that five, because it's just a great, random playlist with no genre specifications. Threw in a bit of Elvis too, just for good measure.