fork in the road // reflection

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello internet! It's definitely been a while and I must say, the blogging world has been sorely missed. I'm not sure whether or not I should refer to myself as a blogger anymore either - I spend more time reading other blogs than I do actually writing and coming up with content for my own! Nevertheless, it's nice to be writing again. In the last month, many things have happened. Life changing things. Less than a week ago, I graduated high school. This is something I'm still trying to wrap my head around, as it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. On Friday night, I put on my beautiful blue formal dress, stood up on a stage in front of 500 people and accepted the paper certificate that solidifies the completion of twelve years of schooling. Yet, I feel nothing... no emotion, only denial; still in the head space that in late January of 2015, I'll be packing my school bag and walking up the school hill, ready for another year of shenanigans with my peers. Graduation was so much fun, and it was lovely spending the last few days of school (FOREVER!) with my friends, reflecting on the last eight years we have spent together. 

The scary thing about graduating is that you spend such a long time looking forward to it, and time seems to go so slowly, but then it finally comes around, and time speeds up, and before you know it, you've finished and it's like, "Wait.. what?! I wasn't even ready!". 
I'm excited for the future though... I turn eighteen in a few months, I'm hoping to move away to the city to study of Bachelor of Arts (which will hopefully lead me abroad) and I'm just excited. This week has been incredibly up-and-down emotionally (on Saturday morning I took one look at my hairspray drenched curls, realized I had finished school and burst into tears... yeah), but I feel like things are starting to balance out. It's weird heading to work instead of heading to school. And it's weird not seeing so many familiar faces every day. 

Another thing I'm excited about now that I'm "out of school" is the prospect of having more freedom. Romantically as well. There's so many more beautiful young men to choose from now! There's room for a boy in my life now, and I'm also "ready" for romance now too! I don't like to stereotype high school boys, but the majority of them are quite immature and I've never had any success with them in the past. In a way, it's definitely put me at an advantage because it's helped shape who I am, made my choices a lot smarter and I know how I should be treated, and if that's not being presented, then that's it. The same goes for all relationships in my life I think... something I've learnt during high school is that I deserve to be treated a certain way and if "friends" aren't treating me well, helping me grow and helping me become the person I'm meant to be, they don't belong in my life. 
(Luckily, I'm surrounding by the absolute best friends any girl could ask for however, and we're actually planning a road trip in the next few weeks to Byron Bay - which should be AMAZING, since I haven't been there yet!) 

It's almost midnight now though, so I should wrap things up. Basically, the moral of the story is: I've graduated high school... I'm terrified of the future, I'm also very excited about the future and I'll keep you posted. 
Have a lovely night/ day wherever you are on this earth! xo