sweet 15

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I turned fifteen yesterday and it was such a wonderful day! After opening presents in the morning (involving a glorious bottle of my favourite perfume, pictured above), my Mum and I went op-shopping and I picked up some lovely vintage wrapping papers to frame and cover boxes with. We also had a scrumptious morning tea with my Grandparents and did a little more shopping. It was also surreal to know that Carina was blowing out candles too! So far, I'm loving being 15... in my opinion: the perfect age ♥
P.S: I thought I might practise a few photoshop techniques on the photos. The butterflies and sparkles make it more magical, don't you think?

latest discovery: Red Valentino A/W 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
One of the benefits of having tumblr is that you can just be scrolling through your usual feed and come across something that you really, really love. Many of the photos that appear in my feed are really beautiful... but the latest collection by Valentino really was a stand out from the rest. I love it! The drawn background is so magical and the soft, blush pink tones are really dreamy.

School is still quite busy but enjoyable. In one of my subjects we are learning how to use Photoshop. At first I despised it because it was so complicated, but I'm starting to get the hang of the tools now. I love playing around with the brushes to add pretty effects to my photos. I've been chewing up a fair bit of Internet though, watching Katrina'sYouTube tutorials is quite addictive -- I love trying new things!
Hope the rest of your week is dandy, and you'll surely here about my birthday celebrations in good time!

images courtesy of style.com

february inspiration

Thursday, February 16, 2012
The Cherry Blossom Girl collaborated with Etam once again and I'm so excited! I love this line, it's so feminine and beautiful. The photography is so dreamy too, and the spring flowers add the perfect, innocent touch. You can take a look at the full collection here. 

As soon as I laid eyes on this dress, I fell in love. Everything about it is positively delightful and the neckline is similar to Kate Middleton's beautiful wedding dress. *sigh*

My newest mission is to hunt down a pretty little hat and bag rack for the back of my door. I have too many bags to just hang from the doorknobs so I think a pretty set of hooks would come in very useful. It would also look quite lovely too.

The latest campaign by To Be Adored  is pretty, no? I like the modern take on the vintage-style dresses. The embellished collars and cat-eye glasses add that little extra something, don't you think? 

Whew! The week is almost over! I'm keeping on top of my multiplying homework, thank goodness, and the next few years seem slightly less daunting (hopefully this mindset will last!). I'm completely exhausted though because I stayed up really late last night reading a book I just couldn't put down. My eyes are now quite droopy and all I want to do is melt into my bed and fall into a deep slumber. Hope you enjoyed this tid-bit of inspiration! 
P.S: I also have exciting news! Avenue M will be experiencing a few new changes over the next few weeks. Christina is going to be designing me a new header, how wonderful! Thank you ♥


Saturday, February 11, 2012
guide to valentines day

Hello sweeties! (I think this greeting is entirely appropriate since Valentines Day is just around the corner!),

It's been a pretty long while since I updated (11 days to be exact) and a lot has happened! I'm slowly starting to settle into my third year of high school and I have to admit, it's been pretty overwhelming. I've barely had time for anything! Probably the only things I've been active at (involving the Internet) is tumblr. I'm so sorry for still not having returned your comments!
Yesterday a dress I ordered online arrived. It's by Element Eden and from the collection inspired by Daydream Lily, hopefully this week I'll be able to show you all! It's very pretty... and floral!
Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, let's get onto the subject of this post -- Valentines Day! Ahh, the universal holiday of love. It's an excuse to be really girlie, wear lots of pink and red and spoil the ones you love with kitschy cards, heart-shaped goodies and roses. I've made this cute little checklist of the things to do on Valentines Day. How adorable are the vintage cards? Have you got any romantic plans for Feb 14? ♥

My birthday is in thirteen days and I couldn't be more excited... (especially because my pen-pal and I, Carina, share the  same birthdate!). Well, I better scoot, going to have another Once Upon a Time marathon with Rosey. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll see you soon!