february inspiration

Thursday, February 16, 2012
The Cherry Blossom Girl collaborated with Etam once again and I'm so excited! I love this line, it's so feminine and beautiful. The photography is so dreamy too, and the spring flowers add the perfect, innocent touch. You can take a look at the full collection here. 

As soon as I laid eyes on this dress, I fell in love. Everything about it is positively delightful and the neckline is similar to Kate Middleton's beautiful wedding dress. *sigh*

My newest mission is to hunt down a pretty little hat and bag rack for the back of my door. I have too many bags to just hang from the doorknobs so I think a pretty set of hooks would come in very useful. It would also look quite lovely too.

The latest campaign by To Be Adored  is pretty, no? I like the modern take on the vintage-style dresses. The embellished collars and cat-eye glasses add that little extra something, don't you think? 

Whew! The week is almost over! I'm keeping on top of my multiplying homework, thank goodness, and the next few years seem slightly less daunting (hopefully this mindset will last!). I'm completely exhausted though because I stayed up really late last night reading a book I just couldn't put down. My eyes are now quite droopy and all I want to do is melt into my bed and fall into a deep slumber. Hope you enjoyed this tid-bit of inspiration! 
P.S: I also have exciting news! Avenue M will be experiencing a few new changes over the next few weeks. Christina is going to be designing me a new header, how wonderful! Thank you ♥


Anonymous said...

What beautifully gorgeous pictures! Love the colours of those lace dresses, I want one! Congratulations for winning Christina's prize, you are very lucky!
xxx Jane

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love the idea of a hook to hang a pretty dress and hats and things. Oh don't get me started on the new TBA! Gorgeous. Excited to see your new header <3 xx

Unknown said...

I have been lusting over the Cherry Blossom Girls line with Etam and the TBA campaign too! Sigh, I want to live in those shoots...And horrah for the weekend! I cannot wait. Congratulations too on winning the competition!

xx Carina

Ana Carneiro said...

I found out The Cherry Blossom Girl some time ago through your blog and I have been delighted about it! I just can't get tired of scrolling throughout her voyages archive!
I love lingerie and her collections for Etam are indeed beautiful!
Lace dresses are my favorite thing at the moment, I just can't get tired of them! The two you are showcasing are perfect, and I can't wait to have one!
And the photographs from To Be Adored, are, well, adorable!


Unknown said...

great choices....look forward for spring to come ;)!


Jessica Samantha said...

Those last two pictures are gorgeous! And I am just as excited for The Cherry Blossom Girl's collaboration with Etam, the pictures are so lovely! What book were you reading that you couldn't put down?

Jessica | Vixenelle

Lena said...

What are beautiful pictures!


Unknown said...

I love the inspiration! is so sweet :)

Unknown said...

Those lace dresses are too perfect, love!!
xo Jac

batblush said...

What great inspirations! I like the feminine and pastel theme throughout these. That dress is just incredible!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I love all this, the TBA dresses especially are gorgeous!

Catherine, XO.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

You always have seriously thee BEST inspiration posts, Maria! Your blog is such a plethora of whimsical magic and femininity. Always so inspiring ❤

And like you I'm simply swooning over that ASOS dress...A dress like Kate Middleton? Sign me up lickety split! x

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great inspirational shots. I love the Cherry Blossom Girl X Etam line. Gorgeous florals.


Dark Blue Stripes

Magnet said...

Oh man, that white, vintage looking dress by To Be Adored looks soooo pretty, it reminds me of this dress one of the girls from The Like is wearing in one of their photos which I always looked at with jealousy.

Unknown said...

fabulous inspiration

dunia kecil indi said...

oh, my God... so inspiring! i love the white dress and the mint lace dress. and thanks to remind me, i need hooks too :p
good luck for everything and can't wait for the new avenue M :)

and about your question about the camera, i'm sorry, i don't know :( because it's belong to my friend's friend. all i know the camera is pretty huge and look heavy :D

Anonymous said...

Love it. :)


Anonymous said...

Love it. :)