Late Afternoon lovin'

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Late Afternoon....along the boardwalk

Despite the fact that today's weather was downright miserable (with heavy storms on the way), Spring and Summer are close enough to touch. I spent most of this afternoon sipping hot chocolate while wrapped up in a Snuggie, reading some magazines. I know, I know, sounds like one of my many Winter hobbies, but it was completely appropriate (after all, I am recovering from a dreadful disease). Hopefully all this miserable rain will clear in time for us Australians to enjoy a well-deserved Summer. I can't wait for an opportunity to wear my totally gorgeous swimsuit (floral of course) to the beach.

Anyway, on an exciting note, Forever New has (finally!) launched their online store. Unfortunately though they don't ship overseas, so just take a peak anyway (if you don't live in Australia) and eventually they will broaden their horizons and the beautiful clothes will be available to everyone! Onto the amazing Polyvore I wish I could take credit for. The lovely Lollypop made this amazing collage based around Late Afternoon, a super positive and lovely blog. Liz, the creator, has some of the nicest style I have seen in the fashion world. Her outfits are effortless, chic and very inspirational. I love the way she mixed the bright, summery colors in the above outfit picture. Whenever she does a post, I always want to flutter off to my room and try and create something similar (usually it doesn't work due to the lack of volume in my cupboard) or sketch a cute drawing like Fifi Lapin.
Hope your week hasn't been too wet, windy or woeful! And, to the victims and people in the path of Hurricane Irene; please stay safe!

mailed delights

Friday, August 26, 2011

After spending an entire week resting on a bed surrounded by Kleenex tissues and tea cups filled with lemon and honey brewing's, it really boosted my moral to receive two delightful packages in the mail. I love the new Napoleon Perdis goodies (courtesy of What Should I Wear? and Michelle’s Style File). The mascara is ah-mazing, defining my stubborn lashes like never before (I sound like a commercial!)  and I love the natural coloured lip gloss, it's super shiny and smells fabulous! The September issue of Teen Vogue was't mind-blowing, but it was still an exciting read. There were some very clever editorials with bright colours and extreme make-up.

Anyway, I need style advice from you, fellow bloggers! I am going to a fancy dress party with a tricky theme -- 21st century! Any ideas? Please comment below and help me, I'm totally stuck! Happy Friday!

Don't forget to enter this fabulous giveaway hosted by 'Something Pretty', who can resist Topshop goodies and Body Shop delights?

low key

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
i'm on

I'm so sorry for the delay! I have been hopelessly bed-bound the past few days with a constant cough and a sore throat that makes me sound like a swollen toad when I talk. But thanks to some lemon and honey tea, lots of bed rest, good books and TLC I'm well on my way to recovery. The weather has been miserable here lately, with rain, rain, rain (probably contributing to my disease). Oh, well, since Spring is approaching soon, it's sure to improve. And to brighten things up a bit, yesterday I received the Napoleon Perdis goodies that I won from Michelle's Style File. Top Australia styling site, What Should I Wear? sponsored her in providing a gorgeous mascara and lip gloss from the much-coveted make-up brand.
Onto the Polyvore, (I've missed making them!) I adore this set created by Alma, a super-talented Polyvore artist. As I've made it clear in the past, I'm a sucker for pastels, florals and girliness, so it definitely appealed to me!
Well, I best be off, a hundredth round of honey and lemon infusions are calling! Happy mid-week!

Denim Bliss

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What do you think of my ‘new’ denim dress? I bought it yesterday form the Salvation Army for only $3.50! It’s so perfect for spring and I can’t wait to buy some cute floral wedges to go with it! Yesterday was truly fabulous, my family and I headed out for lovely picnic in the sunshine,just loving the cool winters-almost-over breeze. We then went to a few op-shops in search of some books and videos (our DVD player broke) and I found (in utter excitement) a denim dress! I've been looking for one everywhere, and I'm so happy because now I don't have to save faithfully for the Forever New version (that was way out of my price range!). What's not the love about op-shops?
Anyway, I will never be brave enough to wear denim on denim (which is close to impossible to pull off!), so I think I'll just stick to one piece of denim per outfit. I love the picture to the right with that gorgeous dress, extra extra volume and ruffles, caught my eye. I love how she wears it with such adorable shoes! I don't think I'm brave enough to wear shoes that high though, oh well, a girl can only dream...

kristy for velour

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is this editorial not the most charming thing you've ever seen? Featuring the stunning Kristy Kaurova in romantic florals, gingham frocks and quirky shoes. This spread is so ideal for Spring inspiration. Lately, I've been browsing the net non-stop to find ideas for updating my spring wardrobe. I love this flirty gingham dress Kristy wears so well. Usually it's hard to wear gingham without looking like a tablecloth in an Italian restaurant, but this dress seems to be the exception. 

I went shopping briefly on Sunday with my lovely best friend. We went into all the usual teeny-clad chain stores just to chew up some time,  not expecting to be impressed. Although, in stores such as Valleygirl, we were surprised with the amount of approvable floral frocks and floaty, gathered skirts. We then ventured into the cinema to watch Jane Eyre and weren't surprised by the audience which was approximately 98.3% little old ladies. The film was eerie and mysterious with dramatic characters and a heart-breaking romance between Jane and Edward Rochester. Even though they do end up together in the end (sorry for spoiling it!) I still couldn't help shedding a tear at the story in general.By the way, thanks so much to everyone for all the wonderful feedback I have received over the last few posts! It's truly fabulous and the comments are always so uplifting! I'm sorry for being M.I.A the passed few days as well. I have been drowning in homework and  practising for my new-found obsession/ hobby (ballet). Have a lovely week!

August Inspiration

Friday, August 12, 2011
Pretty hats to complement even the simplest of outfits.
Blooming florals ready for Spring.

Beautiful, fresh make-up and wavy romantic curls.
All things ballet, including listening to endless classical tracks from Swan Lake and Giselle.
Just a little excuse to post some pretty pictures and pretty words. Have a lovely weekend.

spring fever

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
modcloth wishlist
So sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been very busy with homework, an intriguing novel I just can't put down and my first ballet lesson! As for the homework, we are analysing every single chapter in a novel we are reading in class. It's very time consuming but hopefully it will all pay off when I ace the exam in a few weeks. The book I'm reading at home (for my own personal enjoyment) is an old favorite I hadn't read in a while. Holly's Heart by Beverly Lewis. I honestly cannot put it down, the author has an amazing writing style and a knack for creating interesting plot lines. Izzy Rose did an amazing book review about Holly's Heart on Baja Greenawalt's book blog. Check it out here.
Anyway, I started my first ballet class on Monday! Apart from being very sore after all the intense stretching, it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again. I hope to get a lovely leotard, skirt and slipper on the weekend. Do you think they have floral?

I'm oh-so excited about Spring! It's so close now, only 21 days to go! I have been updating my wardrobe bit by bit. As I mentioned in my last post I've collected a few lovely pieces that will be perfect for the beautiful Spring weather. And as for the lovely people overseas who are just entering Autumn, I hope you enjoy it! Some lovely Winter clothes are coming out at Modcloth and Topshop. As for my collage, it's all Modcloth. I couldn't resist! They have the most charming floral frocks and shoes. Hopefully I can save up some money to snag some cute wedges.

I also wanted to feature Mayo in my blog for the first time. Her endless wardrobe never fails to impress me, I love her outfits! They are always too cute and she pulls off the 'socks and heels' trend perfectly! These three outfits are by far my favorite. Check out her ah-mazing blog.
P.s: Any idea of what I could do for a giveaway? I'm stuck and I need some suggestions. I want to hold one soon for my awesome readers! The comments you leave are so kind! xx
p.s: Looking to update for Spring? Frankie Sunshine is holding a marvellous giveaway to spend $200 at her e-boutique!

my new boater!

Saturday, August 06, 2011
Dotti top, (please excuse the craziness of my hair, the weather was exceptionally odd)
What do you think of my gorgeous new boater hat from Ruby? She gave it to me on Thursday and I couldn't wait to show it off! What I love most about it is the quirkiness and that it has a detachable ribbon that can be swapped in order to match with different outfits. I got it just in time for my Spring wardrobe re-vamp. I've been collecting and making lists so I can give my wardrobe an update for the new season that's coming oh-so-soon! So far I have added some gorgeous new Peep Toe nude heels (from a fabulous sister), a blue lacey top that has vintagey charm, the boater hat and a new floral dress to my wardrobe. I bought the dress today from a small boutique in the city. It was the last one left and my exact size (and on sale!). It looks so lovely and the floral is just too pretty. Outfit post hopefully soon.

I've enjoyed my weekend a lot so far. We just arrived back home after spending the day in the city. Although I'm not too fond of car trips it was definitely worth the weariness, seeing my sister's lovely new home in the outskirts of the capital was fabulous. The house is built on a hill so it's partly underground, so it's very cool to explore the bottom level. Her bedroom is so wonderful and perfect for her studies. The best part; she's three minutes away from a huge shopping complex! 
Have a fabulous weekend! 

colour magic; style rookie runway looks

Thursday, August 04, 2011

So I was just browsing through a few background pictures on Polyvore (oh, what a surprise!) and came across this awesome editorial by none other than Teen Vogue. I adore the cover picture, somehow that grey sweat top sits so perfectly under the peachy maxi and the Mary-Jane platform heels fit like a dream on the quirky model (refer to polyvore collage). And I know, I've used this template on Polyvore before, but it's one of my favourites, it's fits with such a variety of themes. I love the collage, the denim crop jacket is just adorable over the skirt and has a total 'straight off the runway'  feel to it. The first image, featuring mix-matched florals is possibly my favourite. I love how well done the pattern matching is. Usually it can be quite risky to attempt to pair two or more patterns together, but the the styling is so perfect! And aren't those shoes amazing? The rest of the spread can be seen here.

Sorry for the initial absence! I've been suffering from a typical Winter illness and also I've also been lacking in blog post inspiration and didn't want to bore such fabulous readers as yourself! The start of this week wasn't too great and getting a cold and a stomach bug didn't make it any better. But lucky for me it was a short term sickness and I've come to the conclusion that lots of sunshine, bed rest and reading is the cure for everything. My exams went very well and I'm very happy with the results, thank-you for the fabulous wishes!
P.s: Get excited Australians! Spring is just around the corner...I can't wait to do some blog posts that are dripping in floral, I've been waiting so long! 
stykle rookie