Don't 'blow', say yes to 'INVEST'!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010
THIS STORY IS CONCERNING YOUR LATEST SPLURGE. Usually after one has bought something truly amazing (a clothing piece perhaps) for a small fortune, they start to feel a bit guilty. And instead of admiring the amazingness of the purchase one focuses on the negativity's of it. Like; why i shouldn't have bought this OR i blew all my money on this! First of all, before you read on any further, ask yourself these questions:
• Does it look great on me?
• Even though it was expensive, is it versatile?
• Will it work for almost every season?
• Is it in fashion?
If you answered yes, to 2 or more of these questions (this includes the first question, as this is the most important) you can keep reading, if you answered no to everything, well, you can just keep reading anyway, but you wont gain anything from this story. Just saying. Anyway, I will now banish away any guilt you have after buying this item! First of all, lets just say you bought a really great top. Lay it out somewhere and examine the fine piece. Get a piece of paper and write down all the fabulous things about it and ignore what's supposedly 'bad' about it. Concentrate on that! 
I have a confession to make. I was a victim of the 'I blew all my money on  _____!' frame of mind. I had a bought a really great top from one of my favorite stores. It looks great on me, it's versatile, in fashion and works for every season! But, silly me, didn't think of all the great stuff about it and focused on the fact that I had 'blown' all my money on a $70 top. I felt terrible, until I consulted the knowledge and wisdom of my oldest sister, Rosey. She is a budding psychologist and has a gift! I felt sooooo much better after I had talked to her. And as I conclude this blog post I have to say to the people reading this who have/ had a splurge problem, please concentrate on the good things and usually that over-powers the bad things. Be happy! You have invested in something wonderful! 
P.s: Images of my expensive splurge coming soon...

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