Mulberry, pink and pretty

Friday, February 25, 2011

Absolutely loving Mulberrys latest campaign, so gorgeous and girly! Also, I have feautured the Mulberry Alexa bag. It's probably so popular becuase it looks so chic and can fit so much. I love how it has enhanced each of the outfits below.

The gorgeous Mulberry Alexa bag


Sushi said...

I love how they styled and shot that campaign too - so girly and doll-like! Agh I wish I could afford one of those gorgeous bags x Sushi

Unknown said...

I wish I could afford an Alexa too!
This campaign is beautiful. I love the hair & styling.
Rebecca x

Maria said...

I LOOOOVE the campaign! I <3 the Alexa bags! Thankyou, lovely ladies :)

Filipa d'Ara├║jo said...

Loved this floral campaign!

Great taste you have!


btw, I'm the blogger from A HEEL OF A HEIGHT, however I changed the blog's name and so it's URL (in order to improve the blog so all my followers like it even more!) BUT now I lost all my BLOGLOVIN' followers !!!

So, If you could follow me again via Bloglovin I would appreciate so so much !!


Hope to hear from you darling :)

Maria said...

I love this campaign too! No probelm, I shall follow! :)

Nevena said...

love love love this campaign! :)
I wish I can buy Alexa...but dreaming is nice :)

Lacey said...

LOVE this campaign. It's perfectly fitting with your pretty blog. Thanks for following :)

Maria said...

Nevena: Yes, it is very nice dreaming, or saving up for one! :)Thanks for following!
MM: I <3 this campaign too! No problem, your blog is fab :)

f i o n a (miss.tea) said...

Lovely blog you have here, following :)
Those flowers look gorgeous enough to eat!

Maria said...

Thankyou for following Miss Tea, and yes, those flower look scrumptious! :)