How to: Land a Career in Fashion

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Open on my favorite section! (Note my gorgeous new bedspread, I LOVE it!)

Classified as my favorite fashion resource in my fashion book collection, the Teen Vogue handbook does not disappoint. With priceless information for the budding fashionista, it includes everything you need to know on how to make it big in the wonderful world of fashion. This book was written by the talented folk who bring you the Teen Vogue publication every month. (Hopefully one day I will be a part of that group!)
Inside the glossy cover is a collage of all the Teen Vogues ever made, the table of contents and dozens of frequently asked questions, articles and interviews with famous designers, magazine editors, models, photographers and make-up artists.

My favorite sections, The Teen Queen--Amy Astley (chapter 2, page 64) appeals to me the most because I want to work in a fashion magazines like Teen Vogue, Bazaar or Vogue. This section features the lowdown on internships, assistants and what its like to be an editor. It's straight to the point--no ifs, buts or maybes.
In conclusion, if you want to have a career in fashion or know someone who does, I highly recommend this book!


go cry wolf said...

thanks for the post! (: definitely an interesting read.

come by sometime?


Isabella said...

Love it! This book is amazing. X

Unknown said...

Love Amy Astley! I actually ended up giving her my cab in NYC the other day as I stepped out to work. She was wearing a trench with pleating all around that fanned out, so pretty. Thanks for following my blog! Your blog is lovely as well!

Maria said...

Wow! That is so cool! Her outfit sounds lovely :)
Your blog is great x