here's to the new year

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you all joy and exciting new opportunities! 
Here are a few Resolutions (that I most definitely intend to keep):
♥ Try to write in my journal every day
♥ Be more organised. As much I am organisedthere is always room for improvement... I guess my main weakness is putting off homework... 
♥ Build my thrifted/ vintage collection. I want to start op-shopping a lot more often than I do!
♥ Continue ballet lessons and start Jazz!
♥ Improve my confidence, independence and self-esteem. 
♥ Get drawing lessons/ art lessons. I want to improve my sketching skills and hopefully design myself a new blog header. 
♥ Get a job and save up for my first DSLR!
♥ Have a happy and rewarding year. 

I was going to do a 'the year that was' post but I think I'll save that for May, when I celebrate having Avenue M for 2 years. I'm so very grateful for you all and I can't express how much I love being part of the blogosphere!

P.S: Do you like the daisy garlands that my sisters and I made for my Aunty and Uncle? We went over their house yesterday and made the prettiest chains to place on the bookshelf (daisy chains attract fairies, did you know?). I love my Aunty and Uncle's house so much, the decor and furniture is mostly vintage and makes the house feel special and homey. The garden is beautiful too, I think I counted about a million daisies! 


Anonymous said...

Awww wow they are so cute. Happy new year to you to. these daisy chain are beautiful. Good on you for making them . They're just your vintagy style!Keep on blogging an never stop. your beautiful and it doesn't matter what others say because you know the vintagy style is you deep down.

Unknown said...

These resolutions sound so much like mine! Wow haha. I too really want to keep up a journal, and document this year. And of course I would love a job (to save up for big ticket items like a DSLR) more op shopping is a great idea too:)

I wish you the best of luck, lovely Maria, on the new year. I'm sure you will be successful in anything you do.

xx Carina
p.s thank you for adding me to your blog list. I will do the same for you later today :)

Anonymous said...

Two years- how excellent! today is my first week, but I suppose we all must start somewhere.
I adore your style, it is lovely and those chains are so very adorable.
( the fact that wo made the fairy comment was like a little whimsical deja vu from my own love of fairytales)

Love Alexandra

Lola said...

I definitely need to be more organised and it is one of my resolutions!! Happy NY :)

Magz and Mez said...

Happy New Year!
Loving the flowers :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture, Happy new year dear! ♥ XOXO

Sampada said...

the daisy chains are very pretty! and fairies, well you must let us know if you have any sightings! ;P

great resolutions and have a happy new year!


Loretta said...

happy new year lovely!x

Squared said...

super sweet post!
Happy New Year! hope to keep seeing you often around each others blogs this year:)

Laura said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with all of your resolutions!


Fanny Jimenez said...

Happi 2012 dear!!! And thanks for your lovely comment! Now, follow you by GFC too!!!
I just release a new image on my Facebook Official Page, hope you “like it”!!!

Estefanía J. ABSOstyle
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ANGIE said...

Great post...I really like it!I wish you a beautiful new year;):)Much love

Lou Lou said...

Aww the daisy chains are so cute! Your auntie & uncle's house sounds lovely. Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year! xx

the creation of beauty is art. said...

These are some really great resolutions! I wish you luck with achieving them.

Midwest Muse said...

These are great goals. I hope you meet all of your yearly expectations.

Unknown said...

Aww the headbands are so cute, I love making daisy chains! You’ve also inspired me to think of some proper resolutions. Best of luck with 2012 :)
Charlotte xx