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Saturday, April 14, 2012

All images via tumblr
Today we (my family and I) ventured around to a few local op-shops and although I don't have any pictures, I saw some pretty amazing stuff. There were so many lace-up booties and t-bars in creamy colours! Unfortunately I couldn't buy any of them because of my large size nine feet. Oh well. They were still pleasant and exciting to look at (mainly because they were vintage). I get so excited about seeing authentic vintage stuff... and it's kinda embarrassing. 

Today is also the 100th year anniversary of the Titanic collision. The movie has always been one of my favourites, hopefully I will be able to catch it in 3D sometime soon. 
I hope you have a nice weekend!
Oh, and I also forgot to mention that I now have a Facebook page! It's so awkward spamming you all but feel free to like for an easier way to keep up to date with this here blog.



These photos are lovely! Beautiful post :)

from L U A R


Laura said...

I love the mint skirt in the bottom left picture!


Ana Carneiro said...

I love the clothes! So beautiful!


squidword said...

this is so stunning!! i am obsessed with pastels!! beautiful!!
maybe you want to take part at my romwe giveaway:)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Love your new blog lay-out. I haven't been that active with blogging lately. I've seen Titanic for like 20X or even more. I'm such a sucker for that movie. Thanks for reminding me. Might watch it in a bit. Can't wait for the 3D version of it, btw.

Jessica Samantha said...

So much pastel, it's so pretty! I too hope to finally see Titanic, I've never even seen it before!

Dilan Dilir said...

wonderful inspo:)

Unknown said...

Those photo's are so lovely. My favorite is the third one, the pink dress :)
xo jac

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Pretty pretty photos :) I hope you find some perfect shoes for your feet soon my dear. I loved Titanic when it came out, I can't believe it's 100 years since the tragedy.. xx

Jorji said...

Oh i absolutely adore the soft pinks and mint greens in the pictures.
The bra and knicker set is just devine!

J x

Unknown said...

I have big feet too, considering my small height! I am a size nine as well haha, it is so annoying at times!

Wonderful inspiration post Maria

xx Carina

Constance said...

Love love LOVE!!!


Madeleine Roberts said...

wonderful romantic pictures. Gosh, I remember when Titanic first came to theaters. I was in middle school. All us girls were obsessed with Leo :) He was hot stuff back then.

Paper Moon said...

i love the last picture. those shoes are awesome, wish i could own it hehe xx

AndreiaSalim said...

Everything is so beautiful, I love these pastels!!
I would love to be able to have more time to devote myself to visit friends bloggers, because I do a course and time becomes short.

A great start of week! ♥

Leah said...

Such a beautiful post, love the colours in this.

Unknown said...

I like it!
You Know You Love Fashion
Virginie Savage

SusuanaLove said...

i love that colour :)


Kelly Malka said...

what amazing photos. the colors are just perfect, those shoes-- i want! beautiful postxxxx


Lidiya said...

Gorgeous inspiration, the vintage inspired bikini is perfection <3

Unknown said...

wow you have such an eye, girl. i love this little ensemble. beautiful photos! xoxo linds of www.rubygirlblog.com