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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Although I won't be getting married any time soon (I'm fifteen after all!) I still find great pleasure in looking at other bloggers' weddings, bridal gowns, reception inspiration and hair and make-up ideas. I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful label, Papilio, with you. The soft lighting of the photos, exquisite models and elegant designs make it just that little bit more special. The lace is so beautiful and delicate that it seems as if fairies had spun it with their tiny fingers!

I think one of the main reasons I want to get married (besides love, hehe) is the wedding dress shopping! I often 'pretend plan' my wedding down to the last bridesmaid hair-pin for fun. I think these holidays coming I might make a little booklet of wedding plans and take a few pictures for you all to see. Yes, I think that will be splendid!
Well, I'm a happy girl tonight because my assessment is over for the term! Now I can snuggle into my floral PJs, read as much as I please and finally return the amazing comments you left on my last post ♥


Anonymous said...

My goodness, these pictures are gorgeous, I absolutely adore these dresses. I would absolutely love to see some pictures of a wedding plan booklet that you make, I'm sure it will be lovely.
X Jane

LittleMissLee said...

my friend is about to get married and these dresses are so dreamy!


Fictitious Fashion said...

Beautiful gowns.. A dream!! :)

Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference


K. said...

Aww I love them! The first one is incredibly romantic!

Live-Style20 said...

sweet ;-))

Gayle said...

Oh wow, that first dress is so pretty! I'm like you; I've been daydreaming about my wedding since I was 15. I love your idea about making a wedding plans booklet. The only reason I haven't made one of those yet is that I'm pretty sure I'll change my mind a million times by the time I actually get engaged. Haha.

Unknown said...

*Gasp* these are simply magnificent! The second dress is to die for (I will put it on my wedding wishlist-whenever that will be!) You're not wrong when you say that they could be spun by fairy fingers

Thank you for your sweet comment, I have some post ideas in the works. So hopefully I will be updating very very soon :)

xx Carina

Katherine said...

those are very beautiful dresses. dress shopping was actually my least favorite part of the process! i liked designing and making all my own decorations.

my favorite dress here is the last one

fashionlovers♥ said...

I know the feeling:P
Watching weddingdresses is special for girls:)
xxx margot

Beauty Follower said...

Beautiful gowns... like the first 3!