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Thursday, August 22, 2013
Can you believe August has nearly come to an end? This year is going way to fast and I'm trying to keep up and it's just not happening. This week has been very busy so far with assignments, driving lessons and work. I'm trying to remain sane by finding the time to blog, read and relax with tea but it's really hard and I end up feeling guilty about it. What I need is a day dedicated to no school work and pampering for my girls. Anyway, here's a little post about a few of my favourites from this month. 

Burts Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss: This new range of lip gloss from one of my favourite beauty brands is amazing! The colours are really beautiful and the formula itself is the perfect amount of shimmer and pigment to give your lips a refreshed look. I like applying this over my 'Raspberry Pie' lip butter or my Max Factor lipstick in 'English Rose'.

Rimmel blush in 'Pink Rose': This is my favourite 'drugstore' blush. It's very soft and easy to blend. The colour is also very subtle and pretty. The only con to this product, however, is the packaging. It's very fiddly and the plastic is poor quality so the cover breaks off easily. All in all though, this is a wonderful product for the price you pay!

Covergirl Stay Brilliant nail varnish in 'Midnight Magic': I really like these Covergirl nail polishes. They have excellent staying power, great coverage and the colour range is beautiful! This colour looks stunning against any skin tone. 

Frankie magazine #55: You guys all know how much I adore this magazine. The latest issue is no exception; the cover is absolutely beautiful and behind it is plenty of thought-provoking articles, awesome things to add to your wishlist and the (bonus!) pull out poster calender for your wall. Yay! Frankie is ideal for lazy Sunday afternoons in the sun with a white tea. 

Oasap Candy satchel: The whole 'jelly' trend through me off guard slightly and I wanted to ease into it. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to revisit the 'jelly shoes' phase because I will never forget wearing the blasted shoes when I was about five and coming home with blisters and sweaty feet (yes, I know, lovely). Do you have a pair? Are they bearable? This bag is perfect if you'd like to keep up with the time without enduring blisters or sweaty feet syndrome. It's so darn cute and it has sparkles. Enough said.

Like I Give a Frock by Mitchie Girl: I honestly can't decide what I like most about this book... perhaps it's the awesome watercolour illustrations or maybe it's the random, witty fashion advice that makes it's easy to flick to any page and learn something new. A perfect read for bus trips.

Eek! This is my favourite morning smoothie. It's strawberry, banana, kiwi, ice and yoghurt and berry berocca to kick start the morning and keep me full for longer. 


overthinker said...

cute stuff *.*
i really like your blog .

Caroline said...

I recently bought "jelly" shoes, and I love them, I didn't had any blisters, so for now this is a good thing!

Love your bag! xx


Unknown said...

The latest Frankie looks so wonderful! I cant wait to get my paws on an issue tehe.

Can't say I am a huge fan of the jelly sandal trend, every time I walk past Dotti especially it reeks of plastic haha. I do love your bag though; just think I will steer clear of the shoes because like you said, they make your feet yucky especially in summer

xx Carina

fashionisam said...

I've never read a frankie magazine because they don't sell them here :( They look so beautiful ! And the milkshake looks really yummie :D x

SARAH said...

i love burts bees too but i have never tried the lipgloss. maybe i might have to think about making a purchase. i love that oasap bag too!

xo Sarah

Anonymous said...

I love Frankie magazine too (who doesn't?!) and Burt's Bees makeup is the best! Good luck with the driving lessons!

Xo, Hannah

Mokoon said...

That transparent satchel looks so lovely, I want to get one myself :) and I love the make up you got, specially the Midnight Magic nail polish :)


Unknown said...

Good luck with your driving lessons, it's funny how I'm almost 20 and I'm still doing my drivers lessons. In Belgium you can't have your license before you're 18.

Love all your favourites, I definitely love the colour of your lip stick. I don't want August to end, 'cause that would mean back to school :(

X Audrey

Unknown said...

The smoothie looks so good, and i recently bought some Jelly shoes, they're really cute but your feet get sweaty on hot days... So i wear mine on sunny-cold days! And i've been wanting that satchel for so long, ahh i have to buy one! xx Maylis

Amy said...

Ah! We have so much in common :) That latest Frankie is so beautiful, isn't it? And the Like I Give A Frock book is the cutest! x

Unknown said...

frankie Magazine is one of my fav. love all your Pictures! :)

Lucia Flores said...

It's indeed crazy how fast time is passing by. August was the craziest! Love all your favorites, especially that baggie, so cute!

XOXO from the Netherlands,

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