Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Photo taking outings (...? Is that what you call them?) never really run smoothly for Tess and I. Today I was eaten alive by ants because I sat on a nest, I ended up swinging from the jacaranda tree trying to retrieve a bouquet and nearly severely injured myself, and I walked back home with a shoes full of rocks and little twigs. Today was rather interesting and I won't lie when I say thank goodness it's nearly over! *And just a little warning; this will be a rant* I started the day off by sleeping in until 8 o'clock by mistake (school starts at 8:30am and I already had numerous appointments to get to before it anyway), my hair was an absolute abomination all day (I looked like I had been electrocuted), I "forgot" my glasses too which made things slightly difficult up the back of the classroom and my art teacher informed me that my body of work is due in a matter of days.
Then, in an attempt to soothe the soul and relax a little in between Geography study, I went out to take pictures and, well, you know the rest. Today was a slightly pooey day but despite it all, it was nice wearing an outfit like this. Colour is something we can all embrace so much more during the Spring and Summer so I took advantage of the colours in my wardrobe and put together this outfit - ideal for a picnic.
I hope you're all having a brilliant week so far! xo


Unknown said...

It's terrible when some days, things just don't go your way! Hopefully the rest of your week will be better :)

Your outfit is a lovely pop of Spring inspiration.

xx Carina

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Hoping you have a better day today!! :) Love the skirt and the flowers are really pretty so worth the effort :) xx

Unknown said...

You certainly do not look like you had a bad day in your photo session! I love your outfit, and i'd totally wear it!

Hope you have a better week <3


Madison Martine said...

Love your outfit!

Madison Martine

Aino said...

A Gorgeous look!
I love your skirt! :)

Path to my Wardrobe

Dilan Dilir said...

you look sooo pretty!

Vicki said...

Adorable outfit! I love that skirt! Here's hoping the rest of your week goes better than this day!(:

decked out in ruffles

Unknown said...

I'm a sucker for anything gingham, so I adore your skirt!

I hope you have a better tomorrow!

Harlow Darling said...

Well despite the mishaps, it definitely doesn't show in these lovely photos! I love jacarandas so much and I'm so sad they aren't blooming anymore in Brisbane.

For me taking blog photos is very often full of mishaps, but my biggest one up to date was when I was in Russia this year and stood in very rusty barbed wire while taking blog photos in a field... and had to go to hospital for a tetanus shot...ahhh the perils of blogging :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hate it when I have a week like that, which is most weeks! ;) Despite it all, the post turned out wonderful. Couldn't have asked for better.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Your blog is adorable!
I just started mine, please go check it out!!!

kisses from canada!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your skirt Maria, it's gorgeous! And good luck with your Geography study! xx Maylis

YOURFLIRTYLOOK | by Karlijn said...

lovely pictures!