diary IX

Friday, December 27, 2013

{Christmas gelato along the beach... my favourite flavours are pistachio and chocolate sorbet and the others got a classic favourite; mango and white chocolate}

{My favourite festive outfit. Simple and comfortable... and notice the three piercings again? I'm a little obsessed. Body alteration would never go as far as a tattoo or any piercings on other body parts but the ears seem quite versatile... perhaps I'll get my helix done? FreshTrends have quite a few pretty flowers for the helix so if I'm brave enough, I'll definitely have to snap them up. What do you guys think? Have you got any piercings?}

{The Christmas table setting! Oh my gosh, isn't it beautiful. My Aunty was responsible for this; she's a designing and planning extraordinaire and I was in awe over how stunning the decorations looked on Christmas Day}

{I'm not a beach girl but it did look lovely on Wednesday night...}

Hope you all had a magical Christmas and I'll talk to you all soon! xo


Nancy Wilde said...

Ice Cream Heaven! Wow! Love these!

Lena said...

such a lovely post. i need gelato right now!


Unknown said...

I first discovered pistachio flavoured ice cream in Italy 2010. Omg, it is amazing!

I don't have any piercings at all, but you suit them so well!

Your aunt is spectacular, the table setting looks like it came out of a food magazine!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Maria.

xx Carina

Simona said...

Yummu ice cream! Ice cream is ice cream, I love all sorts, haha ;)
Mint color suits you a lot Maria!

paperdoll chronicles said...

Merry Christmas to you sweetheart! Those selections of ice cream look so tempting and what a adorable outfit you wore on Christmas day!
In regards to piercings and tattoos have my lobes pierced twice in each ear, and one cartilage piercing in the tip of my left ear. On my right leg I have my puppy Zane tattooed, he is sitting in a tea cup and I love my tattoo!

Helix piercings are cartilage so the healing and pain is different to earlobe. I think they are cute and if you change you're mind it's not a problem. If your school allows you to have three ear piercing I think another will be fine. Go for it!

pigeon said...

ahhh the weather is so pretty, i really miss good weather (although sometimes i like gray melancholic days).
lovely post!


Ruby Sterland said...

Love your table setting! I've just uploaded a christmas post too, but it's so different to yours, which is so summery! :) x


SARAH said...

the ice cream looks so yummy and i am incredibly jealous! the table setting was so fabulously festive too! i'm with you on the outfit there - simple and comfort is key.

xo Sarah

Unknown said...

You look stunning in these shots! And that icecream looks to die for x hope you enjoyed your Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I'm very glad to have found your blog :)
-Celia xx