alannah hill // part 2

Monday, February 10, 2014

Today was probably the most fantastic Monday in a long time. It started off quite stereotypical... I had the blues when I came to school and my alarm felt much more invasive than usual this morning but it just got better throughout the day. Erin and I thrived artistically in this morning's class but that came to an abrupt end when she spilt ink all over herself and the rest of the lesson consisted of us gossiping, dancing to lame songs and fiddling around with our art pieces. After school was even more fun because my friend Anna and I stayed back to finish off some school work and headed to McDonald's to buy icecream and apple pie. We then drove through town with Arctic Monkeys playing and ate out treats in the carpark. It was such a carefree, spontaneous little after school outing and so much fun. I can't wait to have more moments like that throughout this year!

And this is the headband I mentioned in my last post, on! It's such a beautiful piece and the colours were brought out extraordinarily this afternoon at around six. Such a beautiful time of day and a lovely accessory that I can't wait to wear more often. Thanks Rosey! Hope you guys had a lovely Monday, too! xo


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

you look radiant Maria :) Such a pretty hair band too, and you're right the light is gorgeous in these photos! Glad you had a good monday xx

Unknown said...

Eeep! Alannah Hill! You're such a lucky girl. Whenever I go into their shop I swoon over the impeccable clothes (and walk away a bit gloomy knowing I can't afford the whole shop haha)

I love those days where the simple things make all the difference. They are the moments you remember with the most fondness

xx Carina